An excellent choice for a software career, Java is one of the most popular programming languages used today. 

Java is a versatile language used in many different applications, from web to enterprise software development.

In terms of usage, community size, and job opportunities, Java is generally considered more popular than Python.

What careers can it lead to?

Java experience enables you to pursue Web Developer roles. They design and code websites, ensuring that they work properly on all browsers and devices.

JavaScript skills are critical for developing mobile applications too, which include everything from buttons and sliders to interactive animations.

Experienced professionals can pursue Software Engineering roles which involve writing code, managing projects, and working with teams to deliver quality results.

What will I learn?

On this Skills Bootcamp, you will learn:

  • the foundations of software development and deployment, with the option to specialise in Java or Python
  • how modern workplaces use Microsoft Azure to develop and deploy applications
  • the language skills the industry uses to complete software lifecycles, from development to deployment
  • how businesses benefit from specific coding languages




12 weeks


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900T01-A)

  • Module 1 — Cloud concepts
  • Module 2 — Azure architecture and services
  • Module 3 — Azure management and governance

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204T00)

  • Module 1 — Create Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Module 2 — Implement Azure functions
  • Module 3 — Develop solutions that use blob storage
  • Module 4 — Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB
  • Module 5 — Implement IaaS solutions
  • Module 6 — Implement user authentication and authorization
  • Module 7 — Implement secure cloud solutions
  • Module 8 — Implement API Management
  • Module 9 — Develop event-based solutions
  • Module 10 — Develop message-based solutions
  • Module 11 — Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging
  • Module 12 — Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions

Java Fundamentals

  • Section 1 — Understand Java fundamentals
  • Section 2 — Work with data types, variables, and expressions
  • Section 3 — Implement flow control
  • Section 4 — Perform object-oriented programming
  • Section 5 — Compile and debug code


As part of this Skills Bootcamp, you'll sit the following exams:

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204)
  • Java Fundamentals (ITS-303)


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