Apprenticeships are a powerful tool for your business and your career.

If you run a business in the UK, you can access Apprenticeship funding.

You can use this funding to:

  • Upskill current employees
  • Reskill current employees for different positions within your company
  • Train new employees to fill your current skills gaps

The benefits of hiring apprentices include:

  1. Receiving training tailored to your business, as Apprenticeships can be customized to your specific needs
  2. Improved productivity, as apprentices learn on-the-job and can apply their new skills immediately;
  3. Bringing in a fresh perspective, as apprentices’ new ideas can be valuable for business growth;
  4. Increased employee loyalty, as apprentices are likely to feel grateful for the opportunity to learn;
  5. Developing future leaders in-house;
  6. Having a positive impact on your local community by creating job opportunities;
  7. Improving the reputation of your business, as Apprenticeships can show you to be a responsible and supportive employer, attractive to potential customers and employees.

Could Apprenticeships be right for you?

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