1. Firebrand Apprenticeships are flexible

We've developed programmes aligned to digital skills needs  

We use the apprenticeship standard which corresponds to the skills needs of your business to build programmes that teach your employees exactly what they need to know.

This means, exactly.

We can customise the training based on your existing technology stack and future development projects.

And, if your business needs to upskill long-term, we can connect apprenticeships for multiple Levels, taking your employees, for example, from Level 3 through to 4 and 5, with all the certifications along the way.

You can choose between fixed and flexible cohorts.

Fixed cohorts consist of apprentices from only your company; flexible cohorts give apprentices the chance to see how different industries solve the same IT issues. Flexible cohorts have minimum volume requirements before they can start, but, given demand, they are usually very frequent!

2. Our delivery model is unique

At least 95% of our Apprenticeships are spent learning at work, so you’ll benefit from your employees’ contribution from day 1. You’ll also receive a detailed timetable that lists what they’re learning, in which format, and how you and Firebrand can best support them.

Our Apprenticeships give learners certifications. They receive the Apprenticeship certificate plus industry-recognised qualifications from our partners, such as Microsoft, CompTIA, ISACA, etc. These certifications fast-track their way into the IT industry.


3. Our team is uniquely supportive


  • Our experienced Learning and Support team is always there to discuss our learners’ needs, safeguarding, welfare; they can also help them receive support for SEN and English and Maths skills, regardless of study programme.

  • Our Apprenticeships also include a social skills programme delivered in partnership with PAM Academy – Developing Affective Leaders. 

  • One of our core values as a company is Care – we care for one another, for our learners, and our business. Our model is truly learner-centric; we invest in your apprentices just like you do.


  • Apprentices receive one-on-one support from our dedicated Learning Mentors. They’ve worked for some of the UK’s biggest employers, such as The Metropolitan Police, Schroders, and Lloyds Banking Group. Learning Mentors coordinate evidence gathering, prepare learners for technical courses, and track progress.

  • Learners also benefit from the unique support of Subject Matter Experts. They are experts in the field apprentices are studying and help clarify any issues they might have, acquire additional knowledge, and challenge the most talented learners to make even more progress.

  • Finally, our Career Transition Support programme helps learners adapt to vocational education, the world of work, and the digital sector itself; as part of that, learners can also access the WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence learning hub.

…and for Line Managers too!

Line Managers can join a roundtable and frequent webinars (called Sprints) to ensure they’re also receiving up-to-date learning and information.


So, could Apprenticeships help your business needs? 

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.