For over two decades, starting back in 2000, Firebrand has been at the forefront of digital training, always growing and changing with the times.

With more than 23 years under our belt in providing Digital Product and Certification training with an impressive list of different vendors, and OFSTED grade 2, we're the real deal when it comes to Digital Apprenticeships.

At our core, we're all about delivering top-tier training that's not only swift but also thorough, fitting right into the real-world needs of IT and digital pros at every career crossroad.

We've worked hard to strike a sweet balance between giving our learners hands-on job experience while also serving up well-structured off-the-job training that's tailor-made for specific vendors.

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From Data to Digital, Networking to Cyber Security, we've got the IT apprenticeship you've been looking for. 

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Whether you're a Levy payer or an SME, there's a funding solution for you. 

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We know that apprenticeships can seem like a minefield, even if you're a seasoned pro, so we've put together some Apprenticeship FAQ's. We might not have covered everything, so if you have another question, just pop it into the contact form at the bottom of the page and we'll be in touch.


I’m considering hiring an apprentice, but what’s the benefit?

The benefits of hiring an apprentice are numerous! The benefits go way beyond staff retention and motivation, in fact, hiring an apprentice can even help improve your bottom line. Don't believe us?! We wrote a whole page on it. 

I’m completely lost, where do I start with hiring an apprentice?

We understand. The world of apprenticeships isn't always smooth sailing! We recommend grabbing a cup of tea, and taking a look at our "how to" page. 

How does the funding work for SME’s and Levy payers?

There's different funding options available to you depending on the size of your business and your payroll. Our funding page separates this down for you and will walk you through all the grants and funding available. 

What is EPA?

EPA stands for End Point Assessment, and it's exactly what it says on the tin. It's the point at the end of the apprenticeship where the apprentice is assessed on their knowledge. This can be with discussions, portfolios or presentations. 

What does “off the job” training mean?

Off the job training, or mandatory hours are planned hours every month where your apprentice will be learning new skills and knowledge to help them in their new role. This is planned and documented and counts towards their EPA

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