Aside from being fascinating in its own right, Data is fundamental to growing fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

irebrand Data Apprenticeships provide learners with a solid foundation to progress into more specialised Data roles, from forecasting to improving large-scale decision-making.

Our apprenticeships help you develop skills such as:

  • Understanding a data problem
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Extracting, combining, and transforming data
  • Exploratory analysis
  • The use of statistics in analysis
  • Predictive analytics and forecasting future events
  • Using different tools to analyse and visualise data
  • Interpreting data insight and providing real-world recommendations
  • Communicating to different stakeholders

Popular career choices post-apprenticeship include: 

  • (Junior) Data Analyst
  • Data Support Analyst
  • (Junior) Information Analyst
  • Support Analyst
  • Data Technician
  • Insight Analyst
  • Performance Analyst

Our programmes are frequently updated to reflect developments in this growing field.

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