1. Determine your career goals

What are you genuinely interested in? How would you like to blend your interests with a paying job?

Choose a field and research it; look at entry-level roles, requirements, and salaries. Remember, if you have limited experience or a shifting careers, you're unlikely to earn a high salary straight away.

2. Find a Skills Bootcamp

Check out the programmes we offer. Which one(s) suit your interests?

3. Check the course content

Compare the curriculum of your chosen Skills Bootcamp(s) to requirements for entry-level roles you'd like to have. Which programme(s) can best help you prepare for those vacancies?

Pay particular attention to specific software — e.g., Microsoft, Google, or Amazon (AWS).

4. Check the schedule

Our Skills Bootcamps are 100% remote, with flexible self-study requirements. Online Technical Training takes one day a week, so make sure you can commit the necessary time and effort.

5. Attend a free webinar

At Firebrand, we're constantly refining our programmes to ensure they reflect the rapidly-changing tech industry. To know exactly what we offer when you're ready to apply, and the best way to go about it, register for a free webinar.