Develop your team through IT apprenticeships

The pace of technology change is speeding up. The supply of cutting-edge digital skills needs to align with these changes.

New technologies are driving significant changes across society. We now choose if, when and how to interact with businesses we buy from and supply to. In response to this, businesses are developing and driving their own digital strategies.

Successful digital transformation relies not only on technology, but also on the people who design, build, operate and develop it.

Your business needs experts in new technologies to establish, implement and maintain winning digital strategies, applying knowledge effectively to streamline infrastructure and evolve new capabilities. You’ll need these individuals to commit and fully engage with achieving your business goals.

Invest in digital apprenticeships

Digital apprenticeships secure your digital talent. They introduce, develop and retain digital knowledge within businesses. And thereby build a workforce fit for future demand.

We're committed to upskilling the IT and digital sectors. Our focus is always on ensuring digital skills support what the industry needs. We base our apprenticeship training on identified skills demands. We ensure your digital professionals can deliver the technological innovations you require to succeed.

Tailoring your apprenticeship training

We've mapped digital apprenticeship standards against our portfolio of more than 400 commercially-delivered courses to create different training combinations that allow apprentices to receive the required knowledge, skills and behaviour for any given standard.

We embed specific vendor products into apprenticeships to deliver greater depth of learning. This flexibility allows businesses to select training options that align most closely with their existing technology stack as well as current and future development projects.

Digital Apprenticeship Standards

Firebrand's apprenticeship programmes align to the Digital Apprenticeship Standards. Because they're developed alongside leading employers in the IT industry we know they include the right training that's suited to small, medium and large businesses.

As a member of the Register of Approved Training Providers, Firebrand delivers the following Apprenticeship Standards:

Contact us to find out more, or watch the video below to see how accelerated IT apprenticeships will help you hire and train your current and future staff: