We work with all organisations, from start-ups and SMEs to more than half of FTSE 100. 

Backed by Microsoft and other major partners, we help you design training to fit your needs and access a wider talent pool.

Here are 3 ways we can work together.


1. Recruitment

If you have one Digital vacancy, you can access a large talent pool of high-potential candidates by using Skills Bootcamps.

You do not have to offer them employment; the only requirement is that you interview them as part of your normal recruitment process.

This gives you the chance to select the best candidates at no cost.

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2. Partnerships

If you have multiple vacancies or specific requirements, you can access several Skills Bootcamps by becoming an Employer Partner.

This allows you to:

  • Schedule recruitment in advance
  • Choose the exact specialism you want your candidates to train in, preparing them for your specific roles
  • Receive marketing support to generate candidate leads specific to your company and job opportunity
  • Engage with candidates via webinars prior to the interview process

Become a Partner


3. Upskilling

If you need to reskill or upskill current staff, Skills Bootcamps are the fastest and most cost-effective way to do it.

Tech professionals need to frequently upskill to keep up with the industry. These courses are expensive.

Firebrand Skills Bootcamps include these courses, and, due to the Government scheme, employers only need to pay between 10 and 30% of course fees per learner.

Our team can help you choose the relevant Skills Bootcamps for your staff and ensure they access the exact certifications they need.

Upskill your staff