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Superior instructors are more than just skilled technologists. The cornerstone for success of a quality accelerated technology training provider is the instructor's ability to translate complex technical theories into understandable concepts and applied knowledge.

In addition to delivering our courses, our instructors are also consultants for major organisations worldwide. Every day, they acquire more extensive real-world experience which is reflected in the courses they teach and the books they write.

Firebrand Training instructors are cross-certified industry professionals - ranging from renowned authors to senior information technology consultants, with extensive real-world knowledge.  Every Firebrand Training Instructor:

  • Is certified in their chosen subject (in the case of Microsoft training we only employ Microsoft Certified Trainers)
  • Has many years of experience in a senior consulting role
  • Provides accelerated instruction and guidance, covering fundamentals and hands-on concepts, and demonstrating real-world scenarios to solidify your understanding

Firebrand Training instructors deliver the curriculum, provide leadership, coach students to ensure successful information comprehension and retention as well as certification. Instructors provide group instruction and individual assistance with a keen ability to cater to every aptitude and background.