According to TechTarget, the Information Technology (IT) skills gap is "a mismatch between the knowledge an employer needs to meet business objectives and the capabilities of the organization's employees."

The gap has been a trend for years, and recent innovations such as ChatGPT have only accelerated it. 56% of hiring managers think so; they also believe 50% of all employees will need to reskill by 2025 to keep up (Salesforce 2022). This is costing 14 G20 countries $11.5 trillion in cumulative GDP growth (RAND).

The biggest skills gaps are in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Data.

Employees don’t upskill, mainly, due to lack of time (47%). This reason has grown more since 2021 than even budget constraints (33%) or distracting work environments (a constant 27%) – on par only with being unsure which training to take (18%; Pluralsight).

People need to upskill, they don’t have time to do it, and they don’t know how. 

Skills Bootcamps can help.