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About your training

Are your courses suitable for beginners?
Is it true that your course is just focused on getting me to pass the exam?
How does the Certification Guarantee work?
What's included on the course?
Where can I find your course dates?
Can I learn that fast?
Can I sit the exam another day?
Why are you advertising the course if you don't run it?
How do Firebrand ensure they have the best instructors and how are they sourced?
Why do you call when I leave my details or return to the site?
Is there an incentive or discount if I use Firebrand training more than once?
When will I receive my courseware?
Can I do the course even if I don't meet the prerequisites?
When will I receive the Joining Instructions?
How often do you review your courses to ensure they remain up to date with the most recent technologies?
Why is Firebrand right for me?

At the training centre

Do I have to stay at the training centre?
Why do I have to go to orientation?
Can I wear headphones or ear plugs during the exam to help me concentrate?
Can I use the spa at the Waterfront hotel?
Where is the centre?
How do you identify between apprentices and commercial students at the training centre?
How do our support staff identify internally?

Firebrand Passport

What does my business have to do to qualify for a Firebrand Passport?
How can you support the different technologies I use in my organisation?

Specific courses

What is Six Sigma Black Belt?
What are the best courses and certifications to move into a career in info-sec or cyber-security?


Why should I fill in my Apprenticeship Journals? And with what?
How do I choose the Firebrand courses for my apprentice?
As a Levy-paying employer, how much would we be liable to pay if an apprentice leaves their apprenticeship or is dismissed by us?
Why do the apprenticeship Firebrand courses have different content than the BCS End Point Assessment at the end?
Why does off-the-job study and projects happen during in work hours when employers are paying apprentices wages?
How are our students briefed on Safeguarding?
Does Firebrand use British Computer Society (BCS) exams as replacements for vendor exams within apprenticeship programmes? Can I swap the BCS ones for vendor ones?
Can my apprentice resit the training prior to retaking a failed exam?
Is travel to the Firebrand training centre covered by my Apprenticeship Levy payments for my apprentices?
Can I get extra funding if I want my apprentice to do extra training?
How do I access my company's Apprenticeship Service (formerly Digital Apprenticeship Service) account?