Answers to Stakeholder Management Questions

1. B is the correct answer

2. C is the correct answer

3. D is the correct answer

4. B is the correct answer

5. A is the correct answer. This would form a new project and its objectives have to be captured, along with all the information required to form a Project Charter. Although there may be some doubt as to whether you should do that, or another PM or person should do it, none of the answers allow for that deviation in thinking and the question does ask, what is the BEST action.

6. C is the correct answer.

7. B is the right answer.

8. C is the right answer as you are not showing the right level of project leadership required to drive it forward.

9. A is the right answer as a change request has been raised and you need to perform an Impact Analysis to determine the impacts and the best way forward. You could argue that going to the Project Sponsor for advice and guidance is the next action even before doing an Impact Analysis, but in the PMI thinking, you have considerable authority in your role as PM and would be expected to know what to do next.

10. B is the right answer. Stakeholders are identified all through the project as e.g. suppliers are required at different times during the project. Each time there is a new supplier there is potentially one or more new stakeholders.

11. C is the correct answer.

12. D is the correct answer.

13. C is the right answer. This is a tool/technique for Manage Stakeholder Engagement process.

14. C is the right answer. B is an example of the contents of a Change Request.

15. D is the right answer. The Project Sponsor approves the Project Charter and has the primary responsibility for deciding if or when changes to it are necessary. Changes can be made to the Project Charter before it is approved. Once it is approved the majority of its contents are expanded in other documents/plans. Therefore Change Control Board is not a correct answer.


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