4.3. Direct and Manage Project Work

"The process of leading and performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve the project’s objectives"

The definition shown above in italics is taken from the Glossary of the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute Inc., 2013

Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute Inc., 2013 Figure 4-6 Page 79 Guide)

Direct and Manage Project Work:

  • Performing the work to achieve project objectives
  • Creating project deliverables
  • Managing technical and organisational interfaces
  • Generating work performance data Reporting performance
  • Managing the risks, team, stakeholder expectations, sellers, contractors
  • Raising change requests, implementing approved changes
  • PMIS - May offer automated tools to use in this process

Tools/Technique - Project Meetings

Undertaken to:

  • Make team decisions – this is key
  • Review progress
  • Give information
  • Obtain information
  • Problem solving
  • Develop cooperation
  • Influence attitudes

Ineffective meeting or meetings without structure can be caused by:

  • No agenda
  • No chair
  • People not turning up/arriving late
  • Over running timescales
  • Personal agendas
  • No reason for the meeting
  • No minutes

For some managers, meetings can become a way of life!

Effective Meetings


  • Chair
  • Facilitator if contentious issues likely
  • Scribe for the flipchart
  • Timekeeper
  • Contributor(s)
  • Note taker / Secretary.


  • Preparation
  • Attendees
  • Location/Environment
  • Agenda
  • Date and timings
  • Topics to be covered
  • Responsibilities
  • Reference material

Additional prep may be required if it is a virtual meeting


- Deliverables

  • Typically tangible in nature
  • Could require 1 or more work packages
  • Any unique and verifiable product, result or capability to perform a service that is required to be produced to complete a process, phase or project.

- Change Requests
- Work Performance Data
- Updates to

  • PM Plan – subsidiary plans, especially the Schedule Management Plan
  • Project Documents (logs (issues, assumptions); registers (Risk, Stakeholder)


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