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2021’s FREE Training For Life Winner Is…..

The FTFL Competition (FTFL) for 2021 is over and we have our lucky winner! Find out who they are and how you can get involved in getting access to over 1500 courses for FREE, for LIFE!

We are delighted to announce that this year's FTFL winner is Gemma Mark! Gemma works for law enforcement as a Digital Support Officer. We sat down with Gemma and spoke about all things FTFL; read on to find out about Gemma and how you could be the 2022 FTFL winner.
When asked how it felt to be the winner of FTFL, a prize worth over £1 million (if you were dedicated to your development!), Gemma said “Ever since I found out, I’ve been buzzing! I have been phoning up everyone to tell them”. Gemma remarked that working in the public sector the training is good, however, now, with FTFL, I am able to increase my training opportunities to further my knowledge and benefit my career.
Gemma has only recently transitioned into a digital role and understands how vital training will be to her career progression going forward, comparing her training to a spiders web she said “there’s so many different strands of cybercrime from fraud and blackmail to malicious communications and even organised crime. No two cases are the same, so you have to stay on top of your training and can’t get complacent”.

We asked Gemma why she decided to make the leap into a digital role, and she told us she had her second daughter just before lockdown and said “I wanted to do something to make them proud, I wanted to make a difference, no matter how small, and help catch the bad guys”. Gemma also worries about her daughters' generation and their increased access to the world wide web and hopes the skills she learns can help her protect them.

Gemma had already been looking at our courses in anticipation and excitement and said she would be working her way through all things cybercrime and then looking into our project management portfolio. Here are Gemma’s top 5 courses:

Gemma is going to take full advantage of our Online Instructor-led training (OIL) due to her young children and get certified from the comfort of her own home, however, when asked about residential training she replied “I’m definitely keen to do a mixture of both going forward”.

When asked what she would say to anyone thinking of signing up for FTFL Gemma remarked, “For the two minutes it takes to sign up, just do it! You never dream in a million years it would be you and then suddenly you are picked and the world is your Oyster.”

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be catching up with Gemma next year to find out how her training is going! Gemma is Firebrand’s 8th FTFL Winner and joins Scott, Dean, Jennifer, Joseph, Darren, Mario and Arjan.

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