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Iain Henderson's Story

I have been tinkering around with computers since the ZX81 was first available to consumers and have been using / programming / working with them eversince. I started as a print controller doing packaging, then a field service engineer and then a network/IT admin in publishing

I have apple level 1, MCSE, AWSSA, various hardware and security certs as well as a quaification as a swimming teacher :-) I chose Firebrand due to its multiday residential training. You can really focus on the tasks at hand and not worry about anything 'in the outside world'

Im hoping that by achieveing more certifications, this will get me more respect at work. It will enable me to stay 'hands on' and able to fix problems by providing solutions! Im hoping that when I am skilled up more and more I will be able to use my new skills and then mentor colleagues in the areas i have studied in

Iain Henderson - Senior Cloud Engineer