At Firebrand, we deliver Skills Bootcamps through Online Instructor-Led Training (OIL).

What is OIL?

Online Instructor-Led Training was born out of necessity when the UK went into lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our residential training centres were closed.

Our team quickly adapted and created an online learning platform that allowed us to train learners in the comfort of their own home.

100% remote

Led by online instructors, Firebrand Skills Bootcamps offer an interactive virtual classroom experience without the hassle and expense of travel.

Learners get full interaction with our instructors throughout the course, using high-quality AV equipment and Microsoft Teams.

In addition, learners receive online support and structured e-learning material throughout their course.

Tried & tested

Our Lecture | Lab | Review method combines lectures, lab exercises, and review sessions to enhance learning and understanding.

Learners can attend lectures where instructors present new concepts and theories. Afterwards, they can participate in lab exercises where they apply these concepts. During the review session, learners can ask questions and clarify any topics. 

In addition, our training supports the development of soft skills and employability skills, including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Our dedicated Success Coaches and Recruitment Advisors help learners achieve these milestones, supporting them for up to six months after the end of their programme.

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