1. Accelerated training 

At Firebrand, we specialise in accelerated training, which means that our Skills Bootcamps are taught on an accelerated 12-week schedule.

Each Skills Bootcamp contains 10 mandatory Technical Training Days which can be up to 10 hours long, providing all the necessary information to fuel flexible self-study.

2. Success Coaches

At Firebrand, each cohort is assigned a Success Coach. They provide learning support and employability advice to help learners make the most of their programme.

Success Coaches are learners' first point of contact for any questions about learning or exams. In addition, regular Breaking into the Industry (BITI) sessions will be scheduled to cover many aspects of starting a career in tech, including writing a CV, managing professional online profiles, and CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

3. Firebrand Profiles

At Firebrand, we coach learners to set up a Firebrand Profile as soon as they start the programme. This document is accessible to employers, so it needs to make a good first impression. Once the profile is complete, our Recruitment Advisors will begin sourcing interviews and opportunities for each individual candidate.

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