How does the Certification Guarantee work?

Most Firebrand courses include all the exams you need to get your certification. You'll sit these exam(s) during your course because we're an official test centre and training centre.

In the unlikely event that you don't pass your exam first time, the Firebrand Certification Guarantee means you can train again for free if you don't pass. You can sit the same course as many times as required for 12 months, paying only for exam fees, accommodation and incidental costs. Our Certification Guarantee applies for both our residential and online instructor-led (OIL) courses.

Think of your Certification Guarantee like a guarantee on a new washing machine. The manufacturer cannot guarantee that the washing machine won't stop working - but they can guarantee to fix it or get you a replacement if it does.

We're confident that during your accelerated course at our distraction-free training centre, we'll give you everything you need to know in order to pass the exams.

As well as learning at twice the speed - thanks to our unique Lecture, Lab, Review technique - you'll take practice tests that'll prepare you for the exam. You'll also have 24/7 lab access and up to 12 hours a day with your instructor, meaning that you'll get the answers to any questions you have, anytime.

Although our centre is set up for you to take your exams when the knowledge is fresh, you don't need to take the exam with us. If you prefer to take the exam voucher with you, and sit the exam at your own convenience, the Certification Guarantee still applies.

Full details of the Firebrand Certification Guarantee can be found in Section 8 of Firebrand's Terms and Conditions.


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