The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a template used by organisations to help scale their operations in a lean and agile manner.

The framework was developed by Scaled Agile, Inc. Since its inception in 2010, it has grown to become a world-leading model for enterprise agility, and counts IBM and Nokia amongst its success stories.

SAFe endeavours to help businesses scale beyond a single team. Often organisations wishing to expand their operations encounter teething problems as they grow. By employing SAFe, businesses can ensure their processes and teams are ready to grow without compromising on profitability or employee wellbeing.

Get SAFe certified

SAFe certifications will benefit any team or individual looking to scale operations. They will also be valuable for any company wishing to enhance their internal processes, drive profitability and productivity.

SAFe also employs other common lean methodologies for improving human and computer systems like Kanban, EX and Scrum. Certification will further consolidate these learnings, enhancing the value of a SAFe certification.

What kinds of certifications do they offer?

SAFe offers a number of certifications that will help you understand their model. The framework is multifaceted so different professions will benefit from specific learning pathways that create niche specialties within the framework.

In addition to offering certifications in how to lead a SAFe transformation, they also cater to all the specialities which will be part of this transformation, including:

  • Software engineering
  • Product management
  • DevOps
  • Governance
  • Portfolio management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Understanding Scrum

Who is SAFe for?

SAFe certifications are essential for any business leader or strategist who interested in expanding their operations. They are also suitable for teams that wish to become more agile in their processes. All sorts of organisations – from small to big businesses, government agencies to NGOs - can benefit when their staff undertaking SAFe certification.

Accelerated SAFe training

Preparing for your SAFe exam can be long and arduous, but not with Firebrand. Our trademark accelerated pedagogy means that you and your team can get SAFe certified with minimal time out of the office.

Firebrand Training offers the chance to prepare for your SAFe exam in a productive and hands-on environment. Residential classroom instruction means all meals and accommodation are provided, leaving you nothing to think about but the training at hand.

Scaling a business can be a risky endeavour. It's therefore essential that you get your teams, systems and processes in order to ensure maximum profitability when you do.

Explore Firebrand's full range of SAFe courses today, and feel the benefits of business agility.

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