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Practical DevSecOps are a world leader in DevSecOps training and proud providers of the “Most comprehensive DevSecOps course on the planet”, the Certified DevSecOps expert course.

Practical DevSecOps have a strong focus on practical training and their labs are some of the most comprehensive in the market, providing a fully working DevSecOps environment for students to practice and build confidence.

Real-world examples are used frequently on the course to ensure you are able to demonstrate proficiency in DevSecOps concepts. At the end of the course, students are tested on task-based knowledge rather than multiple-choice, this way students are able to demonstrate real skill to their organisations.

Practical DevSecOps and Firebrand

As an official Practical DevSecOps Training Partner, you’ll get access to official courseware, labs, exams and learn from certified instructors.

Training with Firebrand means you’ll learn twice as fast as traditional training and be back in the office certified within days, not months.

Thanks to our OIL (Online Instructor-Led) training you have the option of training from the comfort of your own home, alternatively, you will train at our dedicated Wyboston training facility.


Certified DevSecOps Professional

3 days

Certified DevSecOps Architect

2 days

Certified DevSecOps Expert

3 days

Certified DevSecOps Leader

3 days