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On this accelerated Cisco Certified Specialist - Data Center SAN Implementation course, you'll learn how to implement, manage and troubleshoot Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches in order to build accessible and scalable storage networks.

In just 4 days, you'll learn how to deploy and maintain a range of capabilities to support your business' growth, like Virtual Storage Area Networks (VSANs), Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and N-Port Virtualisation (NPV) fabric security. You'll also learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot techniques concerning Fibre Channel (FC) domains, firmware, upgrades, zones and zone mergers
  • Describe, implement and configure the Cisco Multilayer Director Switch (MDS) platform
  • Configure FCIP tunnels

At the end of the course, you'll sit exam 300-625 DCSAN and achieve the Cisco Certified Specialist - Data Center SAN Implementation certification.

You’ll get access to official courseware and learn from certified Cisco instructors, as Firebrand is a Cisco Learning Partner. Train through Firebrand's Lecture | Lab | Review methodology and achieve your certification at twice the speed.


This course is ideal for:

  • Data center systems engineers
  • Data center field engineers
  • Data center architects
  • Technical decision makers
  • Network architects
  • Cisco integrators and partners

Next step: CCNP Data Center

Once you have passed exam 300-615 DCIT, you'll be halfway to achieving the CCNP Data Center certification. Next, achieve the Cisco Certified Specialist - Data Center Core certification and get your CCNP Data Center.


Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches (DCMDS) v3.1

  • Module 1: Describing Cisco MDS Platform
  • Module 2: Describing Key Product Features
  • Module 3: Describing New Product Features
  • Module 4: Deploying Cisco MDS Features
  • Module 5: Troubleshooting Common Cisco MDS Issues

Lab outline

  • Module 1: Set Up DCNM
  • Module 2: Explore DCNM-SAN Client and DCNM Device Manager
  • Module 3: Configure and Use RBAC
  • Module 4: Configure and Use RBAC with DCNM-SAN Client and Device Manager
  • Module 5: Manage VSANs and Fibre Channel Domain
  • Module 6: Configure NPV and N-Port Identification Virtualization (NPIV)
  • Module 7: Configure Interfaces
  • Module 8: Configure Device Aliases and Zoning
  • Module 9: Explore and Automate with NX-API
  • Module 10: Perform Slow Drain Analysis with Cisco DCNM
  • Module 11: Configure SAN Analysis and SAN Telemetry Streaming
  • Module 12: Configure FCIP Tunnels and FCIP High Availability (HA)
  • Module 1: Configure IVR for SAN Extension
  • Module 1: Troubleshoot Zoning and Zone Merges

Exam Track

As part of your accelerated course, you’ll sit the following exam at the Firebrand Training centre, covered by your Certification Guarantee:

  • Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches
    • Exam code: 300-625 DCSAN
    • Duration: 90 minutes
    • Languages: English
    • Domains:
      1. Deployment
      2. Implementation
      3. Management and monitoring
      4. MDS Troubleshooting

These domains are general guidelines for the content likely to be included in the exam. As Cisco continues to develop this certification, other related topics may also appear.


Before attending your accelerated course, you should have the knowledge and skills in:

  • Data storage hardware components and protocols, including Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Fibre Channel
  • Network protocols, including Ethernet and IP
  • Routing and switching

Alternatively, any of the following courses and exams would fill the prerequisites:

What's Included

Your accelerated course includes:

  • Accommodation *
  • Meals, unlimited snacks, beverages, tea and coffee *
  • On-site exams **
  • Exam vouchers **
  • Practice tests **
  • Certification Guarantee ***
  • Courseware
  • Up-to 12 hours of instructor-led training each day
  • 24-hour lab access
  • Digital courseware **

* For residential training only. Accommodation is included from the night before the course starts. This doesn't apply for online courses.
** Some exceptions apply. Please refer to the Exam Track or speak with our experts.
*** Pass first time or train again free as many times as it takes, unlimited for 1 year. Just pay for accommodation, exams, and incidental costs.


Seven reasons why you should sit your course with Firebrand Training

  1. Two options of training. Choose between residential classroom-based, or online courses
  2. You'll be certified fast. With us, you’ll be trained in record time
  3. Our course is all-inclusive. A one-off fee covers all course materials, exams**, accommodation* and meals*. No hidden extras.
  4. Pass the first time or train again for free. This is our guarantee. We’re confident you’ll pass your course the first time. But if not, come back within a year and only pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs
  5. You’ll learn more. A day with a traditional training provider generally runs from 9 am – 5 pm, with a nice long break for lunch. With Firebrand Training you’ll get at least 12 hours/day of quality learning time, with your instructor
  6. You’ll learn faster. Chances are, you’ll have a different learning style to those around you. We combine visual, auditory and tactile styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily
  7. You’ll be studying with the best. We’ve been named in the Training Industry’s “Top 20 IT Training Companies of the Year” every year since 2010. As well as winning many more awards, we’ve trained and certified over 135,000 professionals
  • For residential training only. Doesn't apply for online courses
    ** Some exceptions apply. Please refer to the Exam Track or speak with our experts

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