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28/6/2021 (Monday)


On this accelerated Cisco Certified DevNet Associate course, you'll learn how best to apply software development and design across a range of Cisco platforms. You'll also build your knowledge of APIs, application development, security and automation.

In just 3 days, you'll get access to official courseware and learn from certified Cisco instructors. At the end of your course, you'll sit the 200-901 DEVASC exam and become a Cisco Certified DevNet Associate.

You'll learn how to:

  • Construct a Python script that uses a Cisco SDK
  • Describe the concepts of test-driven development
  • Identify the characteristics of a HTTP response

The DevNet certifications are a first-of-its-kind. Software and networks are becoming more interconnected and Cisco's DevNet certifications build skills across these emerging areas.

Whether you're an experienced network engineer or a junior developer, if you’re interested in developing your knowledge of software and automation, this course is ideal for you.

Once you have completed the DevNet Associate certification, you'll be able to apply for any of the more advanced DevNet Specialist certifications - the next stage of your Cisco journey.

Seven reasons why you should sit your course with Firebrand Training

  1. Two options of training. Choose between residential classroom-based, or online courses
  2. You'll be certified in just 3 days. With us, you’ll be trained in record time
  3. Our course is all-inclusive. A one-off fee covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals. No hidden extras
  4. Pass first time or train again for free. This is our guarantee. We’re confident you’ll pass your course first time. But if not, come back within a year and only pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs
  5. You’ll learn more. A day with a traditional training provider generally runs from 9am – 5pm, with a nice long break for lunch. With Firebrand Training you’ll get at least 12 hours/day quality learning time, with your instructor
  6. You’ll learn faster. Chances are, you’ll have a different learning style to those around you. We combine visual, auditory and tactile styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily
  7. You’ll be studying with the best. We’ve been named in Training Industry’s “Top 20 IT Training Companies of the Year” every year since 2010. As well as winning many more awards, we’ve trained and certified 102,635 professionals, and we’re partners with all of the big names in the business


Use your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

You may be entitled to free training via Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs). If you’ve bought Cisco hardware or software - check the invoice to see if you have credits waiting to be used! If you’re unsure, get in touch with us.

Benefits of Training with Firebrand

  • Two options of training - Residential classroom-based, or online courses
  • A purpose-built training centre – get access to dedicated Pearson VUE Select facilities
  • Certification Guarantee – pass first time or train again free (just pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs)
  • Everything you need to certify – you’ll sit your exam at the earliest available opportunity after the course - either immediately after your classroom course, or as soon as there are slots available, if you've taken it online
  • No hidden extras – one cost covers everything you need to certify


Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs v1.0 (DEVASC)

  • Module 1:  Practicing Modern Software Development
  • Module 2: Describing Software Development Process
  • Module 3: Designing Software
  • Module 4: Introducing Network-Based APIs
  • Module 5: Consuming REST-Based APIs
  • Module 6: Employing Programmability on Cisco Platforms
  • Module 7: Introducing Cisco Platforms
  • Module 8: Describing IP Networks (ELT only)
  • Module 9: Relating Network and Applications
  • Module 10: Employing Model-Driven Programmability with YANG
  • Module 11: Deploying Applications
  • Module 12: Testing and Securing Applications
  • Module 13: Automating Infrastructure

Lab outline

  • Module 1: Parse API Data Formats with Python
  • Module 2: Use Git for Version Control
  • Module 3: Identify Software Architecture and Design Patterns on a Diagram
  • Module 4: Implement Singleton Pattern and Abstraction-Based Method
  • Module 5: Inspect HTTP Protocol Messages
  • Module 6: Use Postman
  • Module 7: Troubleshoot an HTTP Error Response
  • Module 8: Utilise APIs with Python
  • Module 9: Use the Cisco Controller APIs
  • Module 10: Use the Cisco Webex Teams™ Collaboration API
  • Module 11: Interpret a Basic Network Topology Diagram
  • Module 12: Identify the Cause of Application Connectivity Issues
  • Module 13: Perform Basic Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) Operations
  • Module 14: Use Cisco Software Development Kit (SDK) and Python for Automation Scripting
  • Module 15: Utilise Bash Commands for Local Development
  • Module 16: Construct a Python Unit Test
  • Module 17: Interpret a Dockerfile
  • Module 18: Utilise Docker Commands to Manage Local Developer Environment
  • Module 19: Exploit Insufficient Parameter Sanitisation
  • Module 20: Construct Infrastructure Automation Workflow

Exam Track

As part of your accelerated course, you'll sit the following exam at the Firebrand Training centre, covered by your Certification Guarantee:

200-901 DevNet Associate (DEVASC)

  • Exam number: 200-901 DEVASC
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Domains:
    1. Software development and design (15%)
    2. Understanding and using APIs (20%)
    3. Cisco platforms and development (15%)
    4. Application deployment and security (20%)
    5. Infrastructure and automation (20%)
    6. Network Fundamentals (15%)

These domains are general guidelines for the content likely to be included in the exam. As Cisco continue to develop this certification, other related topics may also appear.

What's Included

Your accelerated course includes:

  • Accommodation *
  • Meals, unlimited snacks, beverages, tea and coffee *
  • On-site exams **
  • Exam vouchers **
  • Practice tests **
  • Certification Guarantee ***
  • Courseware
  • Up-to 12 hours of instructor-led training each day
  • 24-hour lab access
  • Digital courseware **
  • * For residential training only. Doesn't apply for online courses
  • ** Some exceptions apply. Please refer to the Exam Track or speak with our experts
  • *** Pass first time or train again free (just pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs)


There are no formal prerequisites. However, Cisco recommend you have:

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic PC operating system navigation skills
  • Basic Internet usage skills
  • Experience with prgramming language (specifically Python)

Unsure whether you meet the prerequisites? Don’t worry. Your training consultant will discuss your background with you to understand if this course is right for you.


Here's the Firebrand Training review section. Since 2001 we've trained exactly 102,635 students and asked them all to review our Accelerated Learning. Currently, 96.68% have said Firebrand exceeded their expectations.

Read reviews from recent accelerated courses below or visit Firebrand Stories for written and video interviews from our alumni.

"Great course, very well given"
R.H.. (22/3/2021 (Monday) to 27/3/2021 (Saturday))

"Having very minimal knowledge with Cisco before starting, I now feel confident to take the exam and to get hands-on with Cisco kit. The method of teaching from slides, taking that information and then putting them into simpler, more relatable terms on the whiteboard was a great way to make it all understandable for a first-time user. The instructor did a great job."
Jordan Hornby. (22/3/2021 (Monday) to 27/3/2021 (Saturday))

"A good course, providing solid teaching of subject with a large amount of course material and without making it confusing allowing me to learn the subject matter at hand. No questions were off limits and subjects were covered until they were understood"
Richard Jones, South Derbyshire District Councl. (22/3/2021 (Monday) to 27/3/2021 (Saturday))

"Highly skilled instructor leading an interactive and informative boot camp course."
R.J.. (22/3/2021 (Monday) to 27/3/2021 (Saturday))

"The trainer has a wealth of knowledge which helped with the teaching of the course material. The remote learning experience did no hinder in any way. Excellent course, thank you."
L.S., Powell UK Ltd. (1/2/2021 (Monday) to 6/2/2021 (Saturday))

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