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New course — Introducing Firebrand Cyber Protect for Business

In a recent blog, I highlighted some of the key areas featured in the latest IPSOS Report, which detailed some very interesting analysis and gaps in Cyber Security skills in the UK Labour Market.

The research and analysis provided a whole raft of evidence that suggested that we are still facing a skills shortage in Cybersecurity and that a large percentage of the workforce are employed as Cyber Security generalists. Or, ‘Mid-field Generals’ – as I called them in my blog.

Although the report is now several months old – the message it portrays is still valid.

For the past 8 years, I have been involved in developing and training the UK national Cyber Protect teams as part of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) training programme, which has included creating bespoke courses to support Prepare, Pursue and Protect strategies.

I was also one of the first Security Analysts to work in support of the CONTEST counter-terrorism strategy, working on strategic and operational threat intelligence and training counter-terrorism units on an international level.

Working with our security services and law enforcement agencies has given me and the Subject Matter Experts I work alongside a unique insight into the world of Protect from a strategic and operational perspective.

With this in mind – it has long been my aim to take this training to the next level to create a bespoke Protect training package that dovetails in with our law-enforcement skillset but aligns more closely with the needs of the small-medium enterprise (SME) sector. A course that covers the strategic, operational and more tactical aspects of Cyber Protect at a balanced level.

This was further supported by the IPSOS report, which highlighted the need for training that maps to the Cyber Security Council’s Cyber Career Framework, which provided the knowledge and skills for Cybersecurity generalists who work either independently or within an SME.

It is, therefore, with great pride that I am happy to see that the new course, Firebrand Cyber Protect for Business has been given approval to go to market and is now fully developed and ready for delivery. 

The Cyber Protect for Business course is predominantly aimed at small-medium enterprises including schools, colleges, and other organisations that require core Cyber Security knowledge and skills to enhance their defence capability and protect their business. This course is intended to be a generalist Cyber Security professional focusing on information security, infrastructure security, and incident response. It also includes a series of exercises and demonstrations that will assist the learner in cementing their knowledge.

The course also includes the BCS Certified Information Security Management Principles (CISMP), giving the delegates the opportunity to sit and pass the credential alongside their learning.

The course aims to impact any organisation that employs Cyber Security staff that needs to oversee all aspects of Cybersecuritybe it Infrastructure, Defence & Response, or Cyber Risk Management.

It will also equip delegates with an insight into resources and guidance available to them (for free, in most cases) beyond the course which will support their Cybersecurity stance and put them in a stronger position to protect their business.

It has been a labour of love getting this course up and running and I am grateful to the line management who put their faith in me and the supporting teams who made the magic happen!

I can’t wait to see the first run of this course.

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