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Announcement: Firebrand Apprenticeships receive glowing Ofsted results!

Firebrand received glowing results our Covid-19 Monitoring visit from Ofsted! Check out the following blog to find out what this means for you as an employer or apprentice working with Firebrand Training.

Last month, Firebrand Apprenticeships welcomed their Ofsted for their Covid-19 Monitoring visit - and we passed with brilliant results!

Ofsted - the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills - inspect services providing education and skills. The visit is mandatory, and successful results are essential.

Firebrand are delighted to announce, that despite the incredibly difficult year the world has had, Ofsted recognised and commended our swift response to the pandemic and how we have supported our apprentices this year.

Check out the following article for more information on our positive announcement!

Ofsted Site Report - A Success!

Firebrand Apprenticeships had the pleasure of hosting Her Majesty’s Ofsted Inspectors in October to monitor how we have continued to deliver our range of Software, Cyber Security, Data, Networking and Business Analysis Apprenticeships effectively.

The Inspectors observed and commended Firebrand for continuing to support employers to induct, enrol, progress and achieve apprentices throughout a difficult 2020 and maintain their market-leading distinction rates.

“We’re delighted Ofsted have recognised the hard work put in by all our staff to continue delivery in a challenging year. Firebrand have a reputation for developing weapons-grade IT & Digital professionals through our award-winning apprenticeship programmes.

The whole business showed great adaptability and resilience which has fed through to superb support for the apprentices as we continue to support exciting new and existing clients in their digital transformation plans” said Ben Hansford, MD of the Apprenticeship division.

Online-Instructor Led (OIL) Training

In preparation for the lockdown back in March, Firebrand established the Online-Instructor Led Training (OIL) format for all to be able to continue to learn, receive mentor/instructor support and get certified, from the comfort of their own home.

The guidance from the government ahead of the most recent one-month lockdown, is that businesses can remain open for "education and training". It also states that people can leave home for education and training.

With training centres not included on this list, the Firebrand Training Centre has remained open and continues to practice and heed government guidelines.

We will continue to monitor government messages daily and will update all students accordingly.

The OIL option of training does not neglect Firebrand’s optimum delivery of accelerated and immersive training. All training remains official, all-inclusive, and accelerated, it now includes the option of a virtual classroom!

"We have trained during the coronavirus outbreak and the Firebrand team really deserve a massive amount of recognition for remaining focused and in good spirits during a difficult time. Course content is on point as I have seen on previous courses… The offsite approach works really well.”

Join Firebrand Apprenticeships

Apprentices and apprenticeships have faced swings and roundabouts throughout the global pandemic. But that’s part of the beauty of apprenticeships - as pointed out in The Telegraph, the “great advantage of work-based Apprenticeships is that they are driven by employment opportunities”.

Firebrand has made sure that even faced with the adversity of a global pandemic, we will continue to make sure our apprentices have optimal support, continue to learn and succeed in their studies. The success of our Ofsted report supports and qualifies us to do so.

“Not only have we continued delivery and significant volumes of completions, we’ve gone on to secure several exciting new clients as more employers turn to us for flexible, effective delivery. Ofsted noted how we have added additional measures to support apprentices remotely, from Covid-awareness through to resilience and personal growth.

Firebrand have also adapted delivery to support SEND learners remotely and introduced “innovate” solutions to ensure engagement, motivation and attendance”

Find out more about Firebrand’s range of Software, Cyber, Data, Networking and Business Analysis programmes:

Ben Hansford is Managing Director of Firebrand's Apprenticeships division. Ben spent seven years managing large employer apprenticeship requirements at the Education and Skills Funding Agency, before leading the development of PeoplePlus UK’s skills offer. As a consultant, he has worked with a range of national employers and training providers to deliver successful business change.