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On this accelerated ISACA Credited Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) course, you’ll learn how to create privacy solutions and be responsible for your business' privacy strategies to support its unimpeached growth.

In just 4 days, you'll learn the required technical skill-set of privacy-enhanced designs in order to build a common understanding of best practices throughout your organisation. You'll also learn to implement:

  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Startegies against threats, attacks and vulnerabilities related to privacy - including encryption, hashing and de-identification
  • Data Inventory and classification (e.g., tagging, tracking, SOR)

CDPSE is the first experience-based, technical certification of its kind. Learning to design and boost privacy technology platforms and products will provide advantages to your customers, build trust and advance data privacy.

At the end of your course, you’ll sit the CDPSE exam and get ISACA certified.

Through Firebrand's Lecture | Lab | Review methodology, you'll learn at twice the speed in a distraction-free environment. You’ll also get access to official courseware and learn from certified instructors as Firebrand is an Authorised Training Partner.


If you’re an IT professional interested in creating and implementing technical privacy solutions, this course is ideal for you.

Examples of IT job roles the CDPSE would be applicable to include:

  • Lead software engineer – data and system privacy
  • Privacy engineer
  • Privacy analyst
  • Privacy advisor
  • Consultant - security and privacy
  • Lead privacy manager
  • Security and privacy engineer
  • Software engineer backend privacy engineering
  • Engineer management - privacy engineering
  • Domain architect – legal care compliance, privacy
  • Privacy solutions architect
  • Information security engineer user data protection


In einem Firebrand Intensiv-Training profitieren Sie von folgenden Vorteilen:

  • Zwei Optionen - Präsenz- oder Onlinetraining
  • Ablenkungsfreie Lernumgebung
  • Eigene Trainings- und Prüfungszentren (Pearson VUE Select Partner)
  • Effektives Training mit praktischen Übungseinheiten und intensiver Betreuung durch unsere Trainer
  • Umfassendes Leistungspaket mit allem, was Sie benötigen, um Ihre Zertifizierung zu erhalten, inklusive unserer Firebrand Leistungsgarantie.


Domain 1: Privacy Governance

Section A: Governance

  • Module 1: Personal Data and Information
  • Module 2: Privacy Laws and Standards across Jurisdictions
  • Module 3: Privacy Documentation (e.g., Policies, Guidelines)
  • Module 4: Legal Purpose, Consent, and Legitimate Interest
  • Module 5: Data Subject Rights

Section B: Management

  • Module 1: Roles and Responsibilities related to Data
  • Module 2: Privacy Training and Awareness
  • Module 3: Vendor and Third-Party Management
  • Module 4: Audit Process
  • Module 5: Privacy Incident Management

Section C: Risk Management

  • Module 1: Risk Management Process
  • Module 2: Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Module 3: Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities related to Privacy

Domain 2: Privacy Architecture (36%)

Section A: Infrastructure

  • Module 1: Technology Stacks
  • Module 2: Cloud-based Services
  • Module 3: Endpoints
  • Module 4: Remote Access
  • Module 5: System Hardening

Section B: Applications and Software

  • Module 1: Secure Development Lifecycle (e.g., Privacy by Design)
  • Module 2: Applications and Software Hardening
  • Module 3: APIs and Services
  • Module 4: Tracking Technologies

Section C: Technical Privacy Controls

  • Module 1: Communication and Transport Protocols
  • Module 2: Encryption, Hashing, and De-identification
  • Module 3: Key Management
  • Module 4: Monitoring and Logging
  • Module 5: Identity and Access Management

Domain 3: Data Cycle

Section A: Data Purpose

  • Module 1: Data Inventory and Classification (e.g., Tagging, Tracking, SOR)
  • Module 2: Data Quality and Accuracy
  • Module 3: Dataflow and Usage Diagrams
  • Module 4: Data Use Limitation
  • Module 5: Data Analytics (e.g., Aggregation, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data)

Section B: Data Persistence

  • Module 1: Data Minimisation (e.g., De-identification, Anonymisation)
  • Module 2: Data Migration
  • Module 3: Data Storage
  • Module 4: Data Warehousing (e.g., Data Lake)
  • Module 5: Data Retention and Archiving
  • Module 6: Data Destruction

Exam Track

As part of your accelerated course, you’ll sit the following exam at the Firebrand Training centre, covered by your Certification Guarantee:


  • Domains:
    1. Privacy Governance (34%)
    2. Privacy Architecture (36%)
    3. Data Cycle (30%)

What's Included


Before attending this accelerated course, you should have:

  • 5 years' work experience performing the work described within the exam content outline
  • Experience in at least 2 of the exam domains

If you have achieved one of the following certifications, then you'll need only 3 years' work experience:

Sind Sie sich unsicher, ob Sie die Voraussetzungen erfüllen? Wir besprechen gerne mit Ihnen Ihren technischen Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Qualifikation, um herauszufinden, ob dieser Intensivkurs der richtige für Sie ist.


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