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These certifications have been retired. Get in touch with our advisors, perhaps we have something similar!


Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems & IIoT

38500 IT Corporate Governance Foundation

Associate Java Developer Certification

2 days

Blockchain Training Alliance: Blockchain for Healthcare Professionals

2 days

Blockchain Training Alliance: Data Science and Blockchain

1 days

Blockchain Training Alliance: Developing on Hyperledger Fabric

4 days

Blockchain training using the Ethereum platform

Certified Administrator

2 days

Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum

1 days

Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect (CBSA)

1 days

Certified Developer for Apache Kafka

2 days

Certified Storage Associate - Hybrid Cloud

Certified Storage Installation Engineer - ONTAP

Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

2 days

Cloud Credential Council - Cloud Technology Associate | CTA

Cloud Credential Council - Internet of Things Foundation

Cloud Credential Council - Professional Cloud Administrator | PCA

Cloud Credential Council - Professional Cloud Developer | PCD

Cloud Credential Council - Professional Cloud Service Manager | PCSM

Cloud Credential Council - Professional Cloud Solutions Architect | PCSA

Cloud United - Certified Cloud Tester - Foundation Level

1 days

Cloud Workshop: Data Platform Upgrade and Migration

1 days

Control-F Foundation in Securing Computer Evidence

CWNP - Certified Wireless Analysis Professional | CWAP

CWNP - Certified Wireless Design Professional | CWDP

CWNP - Certified Wireless Network Expert |CWNE

CWNP - Certified Wireless Security Professional | CWSP

CWNP - Certified Wireless Specialist | CWS

CWNP - Certified Wireless Technician | CWT

CWNP - Certified Wireless Technology Specialist | CWTS

Database SQL Certified Associate

1 days

Elastic - Endgame Advanced Threat Hunting

Elastic - Network Security Monitoring Cyber Operator

Elastic - Network Security Monitoring Engineer

Elastic - Private Threat Hunting with Kibana

EXIN - Information Security Management Professional

EXIN - Privacy and Data Protection Essentials

EXIN - Privacy and Data Protection Foundation

EXIN - Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner

IIBA - Certified Business Analysis Professional | CBAP®

Management of Projects in Data Analytics

McAfee Institute - Certified Cyber Threat Forensic Investigator | CTFI

McAfee Institute - Certified Executive Leader | CEL

10 days

McAfee Institute - Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations | CECI

McAfee Institute - Certified Human Trafficking Investigator | CHTI

McAfee Institute - Certified Organized Retail Crime Investigator | CORCI

McAfee Institute - Certified Professional Criminal Investigator | CPCI

McAfee Institute - Certified Social Media Intelligence Analyst | SMIA

McAfee Institute - Certified Workplace Violence and Threat Specialist | WVTS

Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional (Security+/PenTest+)

7 days

Open Source Intelligence - Foundation

4 days

Open Source Intelligence Advanced Practitioner

4 days

Open Source Intelligence Practitioner

3 days

Pulse Secure - Administration and Configuration

Pulse Secure - Policy Secure Deployment, Implementation and Configuration

Pulse Secure - Secure Virtual Application Delivery Administration and Configuration

Pulse Secure - Virtual Application Delivery: Foundation

Secure Cloud Professional (Security+/Cloud+)

7 days

Secure Infrastructure Specialist (A+/Network+/Security+)

12 days

Security Analytics Expert (Security+/CySA+/CASP)

11 days

Security Analytics Professional (Security+ /CySA+)

8 days

Security Infrastructure Expert (CSIE)

14 days

Society for Human Resource Management Certification

Systems Support Specialist (A+/ Linux+)

10 days

UXalliance UX-PM Certification Level 3 - Leading UX

Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform