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Your Best TOGAF Certification Path

Check out the following blog to find out everything you need to know about The Open Group's TOGAF certification: why you want to get certified, how it's going to happen and who to help you start your TOGAF career.

The seamless interweaving of business practices and IT architecture is crucial in supporting the development of organisations in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Achieving the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Certification will demonstrate your capability to build a functional digital framework for a business or organisation of any size.

You’ll have training in TOGAF methodology through TOGAF Certification, enhancing your capacity to understand and manage enterprise architecture.

TOGAF Certification is the industry-wide standard of methodology and framework for enterprise architecture. This is a standard which is globally recognised and presents your commitment and capabilities of enterprise architect methodology to peers and professionals alike.

How do I become TOGAF Certified?

With our accredited TOGAF training course, in just 3 days you will be fully TOGAF certified.                                      

Study focuses on the 4 key areas of TOGAF 9 ADM: business architecture, applications, infrastructure and data. Once training is complete, there are 2 exams to sit, which will result in you achieving a full TOGAF Certification.

What is the benefit of TOGAF certification?

The demand for TOGAF certified individuals in on the rise globally. 

Organisations of all sizes are undergoing periods of transformation in order for their systems to keep up with constant emerging technologies and best business practices. 

Holding TOGAF certification provides you with a globally recognised methodology and level of knowledge to support the development of enterprise architecture for organisations of any size.

It is important that business practice and IT systems develop alongside one another, run smoothly and ensure their capacity and capabilities maintain alignment. Effective IT management and implementation is one of the keys to the success of businesses in the modern world. 

Ensuring successful architecture across business, data, infrastructure and applications can encourage the smooth running of business strategy, providing the vital boost a business needs to overcome competition.

The TOGAF certification provides the training you’ll need to have insight into the areas of such architectures enabling you to support and improve business processes. 

Through your knowledge of TOGAF methodologies, you’ll be able to support an organisation by recognising where upkeep, maintenance and development should be focused on IT services in order to match the needs of a business.

How is TOGAF used in the real world?

The TOGAF certification assures you and the organisations you work within are complying with IT architecture industry standards. It has been introduced and developed to match the developing security and IT efficiency needs of the business world. 

You may not use every single element of TOGAF methodology in one case, but you’ll be able to draw from your knowledge and experience to see what will be useful for you to implement. 

There are two areas where TOGAF methodology really shines: bringing about benefits for both the business and the IT system.

The benefits a TOGAF certified individual can bring about for a business begin by simply being able to recognise where business and IT systems can be better aligned in a way the business could not on their own. 

This can comprise of a business telling you their end goals, and you recognising and implementing the changes in the architecture for these goals to be met. 

Providing a reliable architecture model for a business can introduce better consistency in processes across a business, provide better security management and system reliability. 

Benefitting a business through dependable security and smoother processes provides confidence for the business to focus on other areas of development.

The knowledge you’ll have about emerging or useful technologies that could be introduced into a business to improve IT systems can support improvement in various ways. 

A TOGAF certified individual can establish an IT system that is faster and more efficient, with the future also in mind. Developing systems that are better suited with business needs whilst implementing flexibility and the potential for further development at a later time will ensure any changes are a good future investment for the business.


What skills do I need to become TOGAF certified?


Although you’ll need to complete a certified TOGAF training course and feel knowledgeable and confident enough, anyone can sit the exams to achieve the TOGAF Certification.

IT Knowledge

Whilst there are no formal prerequisites to become TOGAF certified (other than preparation through the training course) it would prove beneficial to have a solid background in IT. This could be through experience in the field or qualifications in a subject like computer science.

Problem Solving

The Level 2 exam requires you to respond to scenario questions, where you will have to present your ability to analyse a given situation and apply the knowledge you have gained through training appropriately.


You’ll need to be able to see the bigger picture. If a business is looking for your skills to develop their potential, you’ll have to look at the organisational structure and break things down. Understanding how various elements of an organisation connect and impact one another is key to help a business achieve their goals.


Matching business outcomes might mean having to negotiate, prioritise and market solutions to businesses. If a business cannot match financial investments for specific products for example, you’ll have to find appropriate solutions whilst managing expectations.

Average UK salary of a TOGAF Certified developer

Even entry-level positions of TOGAF Certified developers are generously paid, reported at £57,000 p.a. Salary growth is inevitable with time and experience, and the average salary for Enterprise Architects is substantial in the UK, reported to be around £75,000 p.a. 

If you keep developing your career and build your expertise and experience, there are reports of high-level roles paying close to £90,000 p.a.

Achieving the TOGAF certification is an investment in yourself and your future career. You’ll learn a globally recognised standard of methodology and open the potential for career building, salary boosting opportunities. 

Plus, the possibility of networking with other TOGAF certified individuals to build your professional community. TOGAF certifications are a brilliant way to certify your knowledge and experience in enterprise architecture. 

With a certification verifying your industry-standard methodology, a TOGAF certification will no doubt provide you with the edge you have been searching for to advance your career.

The Open Group and Firebrand Training 

Firebrand's training of TOGAF® is accredited by The Open Group. By getting TOGAF certified through Firebrand, whether it's in the classroom or online, you'll get access to official courseware, learn from certified instructors and train in a distraction-free environment.