Skills Bootcamps FAQs — Could they help your career?

Maybe you’re finding it difficult to get back into work after starting a family, or perhaps your current job doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere. You might even be second-guessing your degree…

Whatever your situation, if you’re thinking of a change and are interested in exploring a career in Digital, Skills Bootcamps are for you.

Skills Bootcamps are free training courses, funded by the Government as part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs. At Firebrand, our Skills Bootcamps in Digital run over 12 weeks and provide recruitment support to fast-track learners into interviews with local employers.

We provide a range of certified courses in areas such as Data, Software, and Infrastructure and Security. Here are answers to the most frequent questions we receive.

Are Skills Bootcamps really free?

Yes! Skills Bootcamps are a government initiative and are fully funded by the Department for Education. There are a few eligibility requirements to check before you apply, but they’re designed to be accessible to everyone looking to enhance their skills.

All the Skills Bootcamps displayed on your website are in Digital; are there others?

At Firebrand Training, we’re a market leader in IT and Digital training, so we’re doing what we do best. If you’re looking for a career in tech, you’re in the right place!

Are these courses local to me?

Skills Bootcamps are delivered remotely. Led by an online instructor, they offer an interactive virtual classroom experience, providing all the benefits of classroom study without the hassle and cost of travel. You'll get full interaction with the learning professional, with online support throughout. We’ll also help source interviews with local employers after your training.

Do I need experience in tech to apply?

No, Skills Bootcamps are entry-level, so don’t require previous experience. They’re catered to people looking to change careers, learn new skills or get back into work. As long as you have an interest in a Digital career, Skills Bootcamps are perfect for you.

I’m in a Digital job already, but these courses look great. Can I apply?

Not directly, but ask your employer. Skills Bootcamps can work with businesses to upskill current employees at a fraction of the price — a very cost-efficient way of developing their team’s skills.

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