Who is this course for?

This apprenticeship is ideal if you’re interested in:

  • Digital forensic investigation
  • Computer examination and incident handling
  • Supporting forensic lab digital capability


Digital Forensic Technician is a Level 4 Apprenticeship.


24 months total, including EPA.




At Firebrand, our Level 4 Digital Forensic Technician (L4DFT) Apprenticeship Programme leads the sector in training apprentices to proficiently implement an array of technical, procedural, and physical skills. This empowers them to effectively support the capture, preservation, and initial processing of digital evidence.

Beginning with a strong foundation in cybercrime principles and incident handling techniques, our apprentices progress into the realms of forensic investigation and practical skills aligning with the UK's Prepare, Protect, Prevent, and Pursue strategies.

As they advance through the programme, the apprentice gains the expertise to provide vital support to front-line investigation teams and forensic laboratories Their training enables them to adeptly handle the collection, analysis, and dissemination of digital material and evidence, significantly contributing to the investigative process.


Learners will need to be in a suitable role in order to study on this programme; our team will assess that for them.

They’ll also need at least one of the following:

  • a minimum of 5 GCSEs 
  • a passing score on a BKSB assessment 
  • Level 2 qualification in a relevant subject (ideally STEM or Digital)


This programme covers the fundamentals of cybercrime digital investigation and forensics.

The programme will allow apprentices to gain a baseline knowledge of cybercrime concepts, which is further enhanced by practitioner-level investigation techniques and digital acquisition in accordance with UK laws, regulations, and standards.

Key areas covered are:

  • Cybercrime concepts
  • Digital networks and systems
  • Collecting, analysing and presenting digital evidence
  • Triage of suspect devices
  • Incident handling
  • Forensic investigation
  • On scene forensics

See the full learner journey.

End Point Assessment

All Apprenticeships end with the End Point Assessment (EPA). This is completed by a third party, the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

The EPA evaluates all the work completed through the duration of the Apprenticeship.

For the Level 4 Digital Forensic Technician Apprenticeship, the EPA consists of:

  • a professional discussion
  • a portfolio of evidence created by the apprentice throughout their programme
  • a workplace observation

If needed, functional skills in Maths and English will be undertaken by your apprentice whilst they’re on programme with us.

The apprentice will only enter the EPA Gateway once the employer is content that the apprentice is working at or above the occupational standard. In making this decision, the in-work mentor may take advice from Firebrand, but the decision must ultimately be made by them.

EPAO determines when all other Gateway requirements have been met, and the EPA period will only commence once the EPAO has confirmed this.

The EPA assessment period in Gateway can be anything from 4 weeks to 6 months.

For more information, check out our EPA Fact Sheet.


Upon successful completion of the programme, you'll have the opportunity to gain the following qualifications:

Next steps

Once your apprentices have completed the course, they’ll be well prepared and suited to go into roles such as:

  • Computer Examiner
  • Data Forensic Technician
  • Digital Evidence Technician
  • Digital Forensic Technician
  • Digital Investigator