Who is this course for?

This apprenticeship is ideal if you’re interested in:

  • Embarking on a Cyber Security career
  • Developing your knowledge and understanding of key Cyber Security concepts and techniques


Cyber Security Technologist is a Level 4 Apprenticeship.


24 months total: 20 months Practical, 4-month EPA.




Firebrand’s Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist (CST) Apprenticeship trains the apprentice to implement a series of technical, procedural, and physical controls to monitor, detect, and respond to a wide range of cyber security threats.

The apprentice is trained in cyber risk and mitigation, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital data. They will use their skills to feed into policy decisions of a cyber security awareness culture within the business.

The CST Standard has 3 distinct options:

  • Cyber Security Engineer: designs, develops and implements security solutions across a network;
  • Cyber Risk Analyst: assesses, analyses, and mitigates cyber-related risk;
  • Cyber Defender and Responder: configures and monitors security systems and responds to incidents and security breaches.

With support from our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Learning Mentors (LMs), and industry-leading Instructors, learners will work across all sectors and security departments, assisting in monitoring and controlling cyber security risks.

Firebrand’s programme is taught through a blended framework of Residential and Online Classroom learning based on our Lecture, Lab, Review methodology.

Your apprentice will receive support from our SMEs as well as full access to an e-learning platform that covers all areas of Cyber Security and over 5,000 courses on other relevant business topics.


Before attending this accelerated apprenticeship, you should have:

  • A minimum of 5 GCSEs or A-Levels, a Level 3 qualification (Apprenticeship or BTEC in a relatable subject), or relevant experience and/or an aptitude test

STEM subjects would also be beneficial to your application.

You should not have an existing qualification at the same level or higher that this apprenticeship in a similar subject.


  • Networking fundamentals
  • Python foundation
  • Network security
  • Cyber Security fundamentals
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk assessment
  • Operating System security
  • Cryptography
  • Information Security and Management Frameworks
  • Access control systems
  • Security Policies

End Point Assessment

All Apprenticeships end with the End Point Assessment (EPA). This is completed by a third party, the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

The EPA evaluates all the work completed through the duration of the Apprenticeship.

For the Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist Apprenticeship, the EPA consists of:

  • a Professional Discussion underpinned by portfolio
  • Scenario Demonstration with questioning
  • a Project Report
  • a Knowledge Test

The apprentice will only enter the EPA Gateway once the employer is content that the apprentice is working at or above the occupational standard. In making this decision, the in-work mentor may take advice from Firebrand, but the decision must ultimately be made by them.

EPAO determines when all other Gateway requirements have been met, and the EPA period will only commence once the EPAO has confirmed this.

The EPA assessment period in Gateway can be anything from 4 weeks to 6 months.

For more information, check out our EPA Fact Sheet.


Upon successful completion of the programme, you'll have the opportunity to gain the following qualifications:

Next steps

On completion of the Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist Apprenticeship, progression routes available to learners include:

  • Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Professional (Integrated Degree)
  • Level 6 Cyber security technical professional (Integrated Degree)