Firebrand Training has been around for 22 years. For the past 13 years in a row, we’ve been awarded one of the Top 20 IT Companies in the World. For the past 10 years, we’ve been running Apprenticeships. Coincidence? Maybe not!

At Firebrand, we specialize in accelerated IT training.

We’re the largest provider of certification-led courses in Europe with the highest certification attach rate to learning. We provide accelerated courses, Apprenticeships, and Skills Bootcamps.

We partner with Pluralsight and Springboard:

  • Pluralsight is an interactive course provider that provides a ‘sandbox’ environment where apprentices can practice new skills before applying them to live systems;
  • Springboard’s online courses are project-based, matching apprentices with real-world mentors to simulate the working environment.

In 2017, we were the first training provider to reach End Point Assessment
for the Network Engineer and Software Developer Digital Standards, leading the way in the transition from Frameworks to Standards for digital apprenticeships.

We are a member of the Register of Approved Training Providers and our Apprenticeship Standards have won CompTIA Apprenticeship of the Year 2022 and other awards.

Why choose Firebrand as your Apprenticeship partner? 

Take a look.