Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification - Bara 5 dagar

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 introduced significant legislative changes to financial practice and corporate governance regulation intended to "protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures made pursuant to the securities laws".

Our Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification 5-Day Accelerated Training and Certification Program provides you with a thorough understanding of the European SOX (EU 8th Directive), and how it applies to your job, your career, your company, and your industry.

Since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in the United States, many other countries and regions have enacted, mandated and/or legislated regulations/frameworks that are in many ways similar to the SOX Act. For example, in Japan their legislation is often referred to as J-SOX, in Canada Bill 198 is often referred to as C-SOX, and now in Europe the 8th Company Law Directive has its own nickname: E-SOX (European SOX).

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While there are some differences across the various SOXes, primarily driven by company law and culture, there are a number of similarities, including:


  • Board of Directors
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Audit Committees
  • Public Oversight
  • Frequent Rotation

Risk Management

  • Quality Assurance
  • Internal Controls
  • Control Frameworks
  • Industry Standards
  • Testing Controls


  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Remediation
  • Audits
  • Reporting

Our 5-Day intensive boot camp training covers everything that you need to know to comply with not just E-SOX, but with US-SOX as well.

Our objective is to provide you with the tools, templates and technologies that you need to comply with E-SOX. We leverage the lessons learned from the US and parlay them into the context of E-SOX. The fundamentals of both are the same. It is primarily the auditing and reporting requirements that differ.

This program is for professionals in:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Internal Auditing
  • Legal and/or Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Information Technology


Här är 8 skäl varför du ska genomföra din SOX hos Firebrand Training:

  1. Du blir utbildad och certifierad på bara 5 dagar. Hos oss får du din utbildning och certifiering på rekordtid, en certifering du också genomför här på plats som en integrerad del av den intensiva, accelererade utbildningen.
  2. Allt är inkluderat. Ett engångsbelopp täcker alla kursmaterial, examen, boende och mat och erbjuder det mest kostnadseffektiva sättet att erhålla din SOX kurs och certifiering på. Och detta utan några oannonserade ytterligare kostnader.
  3. Du klarar SOX certifieringen första gången eller kan gå om kursen kostnadsfritt. Det är vår garanti. Vi är säkra på att du kommer klara din certifiering första gången. Men skulle du mot förmodan inte göra det kan du inom ett år komma tillbaks, delta i hela kursen igen, och bara betala för eventuella övernattningar och din examen. Allt annat är gratis.
  4. Du lär dig mer.Traditionella utbildningsdagar pågår kl. 09.00-16.00 med långa lunch- och fikapauser. Hos Firebrand Training får du minst 12 timmars effektiv och fokuserad kvalitetsutbildning varje dag tillsammans med din instruktör, utan vare sig privata eller arbetsrelaterade störande moment.
  5. Du lär dig SOX snabbare. Vi kombinerar de tre inlärningsmetoderna (Presentation|Övning|Diskussion) så att vi därigenom genomför kursen på ett sätt som säkerställer att du lär dig snabbare och lättare.
  6. Du är i säkra händer.Vi har utbildat och certifierat 72.589 personer, vi är auktoriserad partner med alla de stora namnen i branschen och har dessutom vunnit åtskilliga utmärkelser med bland annat ”Årets Learning Partner 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 och 2015” från Microsoft Danmark och Gazelle priset 2013 - 1. plats för region Själland i Danmark med en tillväxt om 1.430% sedan 2009.
  7. Du lär dig inte bara teorin. Vi har vidareutvecklat SOXkursen med fler praktiska övningar som ger dig det extra du behöver för att kunna lösa praktiska problemställningar och klara din certifiering.
  8. Du lär dig från de bästa. Våra instruktörer är de bästa i branschen och erbjuder en helt unik blandning av kunskap, praktisk erfarenhet och passion för att lära ut.

Är du redo för kursen? Ta ett KOSTNADSFRITT test för att mäta och utvärdera din kunskap.

Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification Program is offered in partnership with the prestigious Sarbanes-Oxley Institute - the only global provider of Sarbanes-Oxley professional certifications. This rigorous course is based on actual projects and uses real-world training methodology. Once you're certified, you'll possess the in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills you need to protect your company - and take your career to the next level.


  • Learn practical Sarbanes-Oxley skills you can use on the job.
  • Gain access to a wide range of E-SOX related experts and instructors.
  • Increase your effectiveness on the job in days, instead of months.


  • E-SOX certified employees will help elevate and secure your company's accounting and business methods.
  • Knowledgeable employees help create a compliant and more ethical organization.
  • Customers see great value in certification - they want the people on their engagement to have the best skills, and certification provides that proof point.

Human Resources:

  • Employer-funded training and certification programs are a key to retaining skilled staff. Career development and advancement opportunities are shown to significantly reduce rates of employee turnover.
  • Certification Training Programs provide benchmarks for hiring and promotion decisions by accurately assessing technical skills.
  • For-certification training programs maximize educational investments through immediate validation of skills.

Firebrand Training provides instruction to meet every learning need, including:

  • Intensive group instruction
  • One-on-one instruction attention
  • Hands-on labs
  • Lab partner and group exercises
  • Question and answer drills
  • Friendly competitions between concurrently running classes
  • Independent study
  • Self-testing



An introduction to SOX and E-SOX, and is designed to help you get your feet wet with the legislations, standards, regulations and frameworks that are relevant in the context of SOX and E-SOX. We look at similarities between the two as well as differences, and start to identify best practices for SOX/E-SOX from a Governance, Risk and Compliance perspective.

Introduction to SOX and E-SOX

  • Events leading up to the Regulations
  • Key Sections, Titles and Elements
  • Role of Governing Bodies/Authorities
  • Audit and Disclosure Requirements

Frameworks and Methodologies

  • Internal Control Frameworks for SOX
  • Internal Control Framework for E-SOX
  • Industry Standards and Frameworks
  • Internal Control Compliance Roadmap


Completely hands-on and workshop-driven, this facilitator-led session emulates the real-world in terms of what is required to put in place Internal Controls within the organization to meet SOX and E-SOX requirements. The focus on this day is on documenting internal controls, and we look at requirements and expectations from multiple levels of the organization as well as best practice that has emerged in order to cost-effectively document only those areas of the organization that are relevant to your SOX implementation.

Documenting Internal Controls - I

  • Entity-Level Control Documentation
  • Process-Level Control Documentation
  • Application-Level IT Documentation
  • Infrastructure-Level Documentation

Documenting Internal Controls - II

  • Flowchart and Narrative Development
  • Developing Risk-Control-Test Matrices
  • Control Types: Preventative/Detective
  • Control Types: Key/Primary/Secondary


Another hands-on and workshop-driven session, the Testing Workshop focuses on (a) how to develop effective tests, (b) how to executive them, and (c) how to use them to demonstrate design and operating effectiveness of your Internal Controls system at all four levels. This session piggybacks on the same case-study that was used on the previous day and thereby retains the continuity as well as real-world emulation of a SOX implementation. Best practices for testing are presented and recommendations for how to continuously improve the organization's internal control or risk management system are revealed.

Testing Internal Controls -  I

  • Developing Test Plans
  • Executing Test Plans
  • Design Effectiveness
  • Operating Effectiveness

Testing Internal Controls – II

  • Remediating Deficiencies
  • Ongoing Testing/Retesting
  • Reusing Test Plans/Tests
  • Continuous Improvement


Towards the end of the course you get a "promotion" (to Project Manager) and you get to do what the facilitator did previously. That is, you get to create the project, and put the various pieces together. You'll understand SOX project initiation, resource allocation, ROI and TCC calculations (the "business case"), and making SOX cost-effective and sustainable for the long run within the organization. It is workshop-driven, and is your opportunity to put all the pieces together. This concludes the program.

E-SOX/SOX Project Management -  I

  • E-SOX and SOX Project Planning
  • Planning/Scoping the SOX Project
  • Identifying Resources and Timelines
  • Creating the Detailed Project Plan

SOX/E-SOX Project Management II

  • Implementing the E-SOX Project Plan
  • Using E-SOX for Risk Management
  • Calculating Total Cost of Compliance
  • Estimating Return on E-SOX Investment


The final day is designed to review the material covered previously and to prepare you for the E-SOX certification exam. It is expected that you are spending your evenings during the Five-day boot camp reading the study materials and preparing for the exam. This review is an aid in that process and is not a substitute for study. Our objective is to help you be more effective on the job and to demonstrate that via certification.

Exam Track...

The CSOX credential is the only globally recognized professional examination certification in Sarbanes-Oxley. The SOX Program provides two levels of Sarbanes-Oxley professional examination certifications:

SOXBase (CSOX) is an entry-level examination certification that requires you to pass a qualifying test to determine your factual proficiency in the fundamental tenets of SOX, as covered in the program.

We will prepare you for your choice of the the following exam tracks:

  • Finance, Accounting, IS, IT (CSOX-FIT)

One of these exams coupled with attending our authorized course certifies you at the SOX Base-level, which is a prerequisite to obtaining the industry recognized SOX Pro-level (SOX Professional).

SOXPro (CSOXP) is a more advanced level that requires you to demonstrate substantial experience in SOX, and certifies you at the Pro-level (SOX Professional)

For each exam, Subsequent Annual Maintenance requires a minimum of 12 hours of Sarbanes-Oxley related CPEs or PDUs.

What's Included...


  • Essentials of Sarbanes-Oxley ISBN: 9780470056684
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Implementation Toolkit ISBN: 9780470169315
  • How to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 ISBN: 9780470169308

IT Governance Institute Official Courseware

  • IT Control Objectives for Sarbanes-Oxley


Firebrand Training enrolment advisors interview all potential students regarding their work experience, degrees and certifications held, and personal fortitude. This screening process ensures a successful match between the customer and accelerated certification training.

To obtain the SOXBase (CSOX) certification, there are no prior educational requirements.

However, students with 1200 hours or more documented SOX related work experience in the past year will be upgraded to the higher level of accreditation, SOXPro (CSOXP).

When you register for CSOXP, you're asked to complete a questionnaire about your SOX-related work history. Please have locations, dates, and number of hours ready.

For more information on Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification, contact the Sales and Enrolment Department on 0844 888 1600.

Är du redo för din Firebrand kurs?

Vi intervjuar alla potentiella deltagare om deras bakgrund, utbildning, certifiering och personliga inställning. Om du kommer igenom denna process så har du riktigt goda möjligheter att klara din certifiering.

Firebrand Training erbjuder en ambitiös utbildningsmiljö som förutsätter att du verkligen dedikerar dig till kursen. Ovanstående förkunskaper är endast vägledande, många deltagare med mindre erfarenhet men med en annan bakgrund eller kunskap har framgångsrikt genomfört sin utbildning hos Firebrand Training.

Om du funderar på huruvida du uppfyller rekommenderade förkunskaper vänligen ring oss på (0)8 52 50 01 66 och prata med en av våra utbildningsrådgivare som kan hjälpa dig.


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Vi har utbildat 72.589 kursdeltagare under 12 år. Vi har bett alla göra en utvärdering av vår accelererade utbildning. För närvarande har 96,75% sagt att Firebrand överträffat deras förväntningar:

"That was a great experience to get high quality knowledge on the specific area, thank you."
Ozan Yasar, Turkcell. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (17/11/2014 till 21/11/2014)

"Nice training, place and service. Firebrand gave me a good service on training!"
Anonym - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (11/2/2013 till 15/2/2013)

"The SOX training is just perfect. Also the hotel is very nice and very comfortable to study. Thanks. Sanjay Anand as instructor was just perfect. Hotel is nice, quiet, foods are perfect."
Anonym - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (11/2/2013 till 15/2/2013)

"The experience has been quite insightful, eye opening and interesting. One of the best training I have had and Firebrand is obviously one of the best places I have learned."
Oludare Atoki, Nigeria LNG Limited. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (7/11/2011 till 11/11/2011)

"I have really enjoyed this weeks training. The instructor was great, very informative and knowledgeable and the training material assisted learning."
Kimberly Lewis, Barclays. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (7/11/2011 till 11/11/2011)

"Generally satisfied with the facility (although the daily distance from Robinson to the training centre a bit inconvenient). "
Pavla Bowes. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (7/11/2011 till 11/11/2011)

"The course was extremely informative and targeted my specific requirements. The course trainer was extremely knowledgeable."
Anon.. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (7/11/2011 till 11/11/2011)

"The environment was conducive to learning"
Anon.. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (7/11/2011 till 11/11/2011)

"Engaging, Empowering and Challenging - Just what I needed!"
Spencer Bruntlett, Nokia. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (7/11/2011 till 11/11/2011)

"I passed the Sarbanes Oxley certification in just a few time as I expected."
Howard Laurente, Etihad Etisalbt Company mobility company. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (9/8/2010 till 13/8/2010)

"A very effective learning experience!"
Steve schwarz. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (9/8/2010 till 13/8/2010)

"I found the boot camp set up very useful, there is a lot of information to take in but the pace is well balanced and achievable."
Simon Quainton, Avon Cosmetics. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (9/3/2009 till 13/3/2009)

"Overall was very happy with entire experience."
John Bamber. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (9/3/2009 till 13/3/2009)

"Very good, but some improvement can make it excellent."
R.B. - Sarbanes-Oxley European SOX Certification (5 dagar) (9/3/2009 till 13/3/2009)

"bra kursmaterial, bra larare!"
kenneth zingmark, proditum. - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Financials (5 dagar) (27/6/2016 till 1/7/2016)

"Mycket seriöst utbildning och mycket kompetent utbildare. "
Peter Louring, Nordic NAV AB. - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Financials (5 dagar) (27/6/2016 till 1/7/2016)

"Koncentrerad och fokuserad presentation av ämnet samt kompetent (och tålmodig föreläsare gav en bra bas för ytterligare fördjupning i ämnet."
Ulrika Lantz, Sogeti Sverige AB. - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade & Logistics (5 dagar) (27/6/2016 till 1/7/2016)

"Bra med intensiva dagar. Trevlig personal och forelasare. "
I.R.. - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 HRM (3 dagar) (13/6/2016 till 15/6/2016)

"Bra kurs pa ratt niva for alla deltagare, aven fast vi har olika utgangspunkter och och tidigare erfarenhet. Kravande, men det visste vi innan :) Jattebra boende, mat osv."
Anna-Karin Normelli Callhammar, SDC. - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 HRM (3 dagar) (13/6/2016 till 15/6/2016)

"Bra koncept som sparar tid. Inga dagliga resor mellan hotell och utbilldningslokal."
Anonym - Microsoft Upgrading your skills to Windows Server 2016 (3 dagar) (13/6/2016 till 15/6/2016)

"Fantastisk lärare, med stor kunskap, insikt och förmåga att fånga ens fokus genom långa lektionspass."
Anonym - ISACA CISA Certifiering (4 dagar) (8/6/2016 till 10/6/2016)

"Mycket bra. Väldigt kompetent larare"
Anonym - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development - Introduction (4 dagar) (22/5/2016 till 25/5/2016)

"Koncentrerad utbildning med bra nivå på trainer."
S.L.. - ISACA CISM Certifiering (4 dagar) (9/5/2016 till 12/5/2016)

"Utmärkt lärare, bra mat, bra ställe."
Patrik Bryland, Centric. - Microsoft MCTS System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (4 dagar) (3/5/2016 till 6/5/2016)

"Mkt bra lärare! Pratar tydligt och intresseväckande."
Fredrik Sundén, ATEA. - Microsoft MCTS System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (4 dagar) (3/5/2016 till 6/5/2016)

"Fullt fokus på ämnet under alla vakna timmar på dygnet."
A.W.. - Microsoft MCTS System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (4 dagar) (3/5/2016 till 6/5/2016)

"Fina och bra lokaler. En mycket bra instruktör som utvecklade sina svar mycket väl."
Mikael Ahokas, Telecomputing. - Microsoft MCSA: Office 365 (5 dagar) (15/2/2016 till 19/2/2016)

"Bra, kunnig lärare som hanterar att lära ut i högt tempo. Bra lokaler med trevlig personal och en restaurang med jättegod mat!"
Anonym - Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 (9 dagar) (9/4/2016 till 17/4/2016)

"Lärorik, Intensiv och mycket givande. "
Kaveh Hoodeh, Atea Sverige AB. - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 dagar) (11/4/2016 till 15/4/2016)

"Intensivt men bra."
Anonym - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 dagar) (11/4/2016 till 15/4/2016)

"Very helpful staff at the site and a very knowledgeable instructor."
Jordan Mowat, Intergraph. - ISTQB Firebrand's Training for ISTQB's Advanced Test Manager Certification (3 dagar) (9/3/2016 till 11/3/2016)

"Ett mycket bra utbildningsätt, komma bort från arbetsplatsen och störningsmoment för att kunna fokusera 100% på kursen. Ingen dötid utan fullfart helatiden."
Patrik Landberg , Tieto. - Microsoft MCSA: Office 365 (5 dagar) (15/2/2016 till 18/2/2016)

"Intressant ämne och superbra lärare."
Anonym - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 dagar) (1/2/2016 till 5/2/2016)

"Mycket väl planerat och genomfört"
Jan Karlsson, Ingen, tyvarr. - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade & Logistics (5 dagar) (25/1/2016 till 29/1/2016)

"Mycket bra faciliteter for andamalet. Väl använd tid. "
Anonym - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade & Logistics (5 dagar) (25/1/2016 till 29/1/2016)

Daniel Zhang. - ITIL® v3 Foundation (ITIL 4) (2 dagar) (20/1/2016 till 21/1/2016)

"Bra anläggning och kurslokaler."
Anna Wibergh, EVRY. - Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2012 (2 dagar) (19/1/2016 till 20/1/2016)

"Bra upplagg och boende"
James Skallsjo, Nordea. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.2 certified training (Level 1&2) (3 dagar) (18/1/2016 till 20/1/2016)

"Hogt tempo med bra larare. Valdigt bra mat"
Anonym - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.2 certified training (Level 1&2) (3 dagar) (18/1/2016 till 20/1/2016)

"Intensiva men intressanta dagar, god mat och mycket bra kursledare!"
Jan Olsson, 2conciliate Business Solutions AB. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.2 certified training (Level 1&2) (3 dagar) (18/1/2016 till 20/1/2016)

Anonym - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dagar) (11/1/2016 till 16/1/2016)

"Highly recommended, instructor had lot of real world experience, and relevant examples. "
Ryan MacKenzie , ABB. - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (5 dagar) (14/12/2015 till 18/12/2015)

"Great experience."
Anonym - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (5 dagar) (7/12/2015 till 11/12/2015)

"Jag var medveten om att det var en tuff utbildning med långa dagar, men den var tuffare än så. Det blev inte mycket sömn."
Benny Jönsson, Capgemini. - ISTQB Firebrand's Training for ISTQB's Advanced Test Manager Certification (3 dagar) (2/12/2015 till 4/12/2015)

"Mycket fint område att befinna sig i. Rum och allt är i utmärkt kvalité men räkna med ett högt temp och långa dagar."
S.H. - Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 (9 dagar) (21/11/2015 till 29/11/2015)

"Mycket trevligt."
Robert Maras , Cygate AB. - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 dagar) (2/11/2015 till 6/11/2015)

Anonym, KTF UL - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 dagar) (2/11/2015 till 6/11/2015)

"Intensiv traning med bra instruktor"
M.B.. - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 dagar) (2/11/2015 till 6/11/2015)

"mycket nojd kommer att gora nasta kurs med dem"
M.N. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) (7 dagar) (26/10/2015 till 31/10/2015)

"Intensivt och specifikt med bra service i huset."
Martin Borggren, AddPro. - Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2012 (2 dagar) (29/10/2015 till 30/10/2015)