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26/6/2023 (Maandag)


On this accelerated AiU® Certified Tester in AI (CTAI) course, you’ll gain an understanding of the current trends and industry applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Machine Learning (ML).

In just 3 days, you’ll build the necessary skills to compare different implemented ML algorithms to help choose the most suitable one. You’ll also learn to:

  • Evaluate models for both supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Design and execute test cases for AI systems
  • Use AI based test execution tools to automate tests

At the end of this course, you’ll sit the AiU® Certified Tester in AI exam, and become an AiU® Certified Tester in AI (CTAI). Through Firebrand’s Lecture | Lab | Review methodology, you’ll get access to courseware, learn from certified instructors, and train in a distraction-free environment.


This course is ideal if you test or manage testing of systems that involve AI.

Enquire about our accelerated by contacting one of our training consultants today. Spaces fill fast, so don’t hesitate!

You could train at twice the speed of traditional training with Firebrand, and be back in the office within days, not months.

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AiU® Certified Tester in AI

  • Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Module 2: Overview of Testing AI Systems
  • Module 3: Offline Testing of AI Systems
  • Module 4: Online Testing of AI Systems 
  • Module 5: Explainable AI
  • Module 6: Risks and Test Strategy for AI Systems
  • Module 7: AI for Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Exam Track

As part of this accelerated course, you’ll sit the following exam at the Firebrand Training centre, covered Certification Guarantee:

AiU® Certified Tester in AI exam

  • Duration: 60 minutes

What's Included


Before attending this accelerated course, it is recommended that you have:

  • Completed the ISTQB® CTFL certificate
  • A basic knowledge of a programming language (Java or Python or R)

Weet je niet zeker of je aan de vereisten voldoet? Maak je geen zorgen. Jouw trainingsadviseur bespreekt jouw achtergrond met je om te begrijpen of deze cursus geschikt is voor je.


Wereldwijd heeft Firebrand in haar 10-jarig bestaan al 134561 studenten opgeleid! We hebben ze allemaal gevraagd onze versnelde opleidingen te evalueren. De laatste keer dat we onze resultaten analyseerden, bleek 96.48% ons te beoordelen als 'boven verwachting'

"The course was delivered well, and the content was made interesting, with the diversity of smaller group sessions and whole group sessions. Due to current situations, it was delivered virtually, however it was adapted well to an online environment "
J.S., BT. (20/7/2020 (Maandag) t/m 21/7/2020 (Dinsdag))

"Tutor was very experienced and able to insert his own stories into the course material."
andy spencer, Royal Mail. (2/3/2020 (Maandag) t/m 3/3/2020 (Dinsdag))

"Firebrand are a very helpful and successful company when it comes to training courses. I have attended two course so far and the amount of information and understanding is better here than with any other course I have been on."
Daniel Lewis, ALDI. (2/3/2020 (Maandag) t/m 3/3/2020 (Dinsdag))

"Good, learning hours have improved to a more manageable amount compared to beforehand allowing me to better grasp and retain information gained"
Liam Coleman, IBM. (2/12/2019 (Maandag) t/m 3/12/2019 (Dinsdag))

"I found the Firebrand method of incorporating the traditional classroom teaching with the collaborative and interactive group work to be really useful in reinforcing learning. "
A.F.. (13/11/2019 (Woensdag) t/m 14/11/2019 (Donderdag))


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