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With this Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 (formerly Microsoft Navision) certification, you will become an expert in the latest version of Microsoft's leading business management software solution. After completing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 course at Firebrand Training, you'll have the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to help larger companies work more efficiently with their subsidiaries or branch offices.

This is an accelerated, fully immersed course, designed upon the job-related tasks of company environments.

You will learn how to set up and use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Setup, Finance, and Business Intelligence for Information Workers modules effectively. You will cover:

  • Application Setup
  • Finance
  • Business Intelligence

Firebrand Training is unlike any other "boot camp". With Firebrand Training, you will learn more. We offer accelerated training courses that ensure professionals will emerge with thorough knowledge of the products in the shortest possible time.

Instructors are available at all times to provide individual and group attention, lead lab exercises and practice sessions, and ensure the students' success. Our attention to detail shows in our unsurpassed instruction and customer service, our classroom and testing facilities, and our individual and corporate success stories.

From the skilful crafting of our unique curriculum and careful selection of courseware to every detail of your training comfort, Firebrand Training is the best way to obtain the Dynamics NAV skills. Other training providers cannot match our commitment to quality instruction-led training and top-notch educational facilities.

Zeven redenen waarom jij voor jouw Dynamics NAV 2009 cursus voor Firebrand kiest:

  1. Jij zal in slechts 5 dagen Dynamics NAV 2009 gecertificeerd zijn. Doordat onze cursussen residentieel zijn kunnen wij langere lesdagen aanbieden en zal je tijdens je verblijf volledig gefocust zijn op jouw cursus
  2. Onze Dynamics NAV 2009 cursus is all-inclusive. Cursusmaterialen, accommodatie en maaltijden zijn inbegrepen.
  3. Slaag de eerste keer voor Dynamics NAV 2009 of train gratis opnieuw.Op basis van onze certificeringsgarantie kun je voor het geval je de eerste keer niet slaagt binnen een jaar terugkomen en opnieuw trainen. Je betaalt dan alleen voor accommodatie en examens. De andere kosten zijn inbegrepen.
  4. Je zal meer over Dynamics NAV 2009 leren. Waar opleidingen elders doorgaans van 9:00 tot 17:00 duren, kan je bij Firebrand Training rekenen op 12 uur training per dag!
  5. Je zal Dynamics NAV 2009 sneller beheersen. Doordat onze cursussen residentieel zijn word je in korte tijd ondergedompeld in de theorie. Hierdoor zal je volledig gefocust zijn op de cursus en zal je sneller de theorie en praktijk beheersen.
  6. Je zal voor Dynamics NAV 2009 studeren bij de beste training provider. Firebrand heeft het Q-For kwaliteitlabel, waarmee onze standaarden en professionaliteit op het gebied van training erkend worden. We hebben inmiddels 134561 professionals getraind en gecertificeerd!
  7. Je gaat meer doen dan alleen de cursusstof van Dynamics NAV 2009 bestuderen. We maken gebruik van laboratoria, case-studies en oefentests, om ervoor te zorgen dat jij jouw nieuwe kennis direct in jouw werkomgeving kan toepassen.


What are the benefits of certification?

For HR managers, certification is particularly important because it allows them to more easily identify the skills that an individual possesses. When a company has employees that possess certain skills, it can garner a competitive advantage when seeking to attract customers. Certification can also contribute to increased productivity.


  • Overwhelmingly, individuals with Microsoft certifications have an advanced level of knowledge, expertise and skill, and command more professional credibility
  • Individual students may receive college credits to utilise tuition reimbursement programs for their IT training or to complete college coursework

Human Resources

  • Employer-funded training and certification programs are a key to retaining skilled staff. Career development and advancement opportunities are shown to significantly reduce rates of employee turnover
  • Certification Training Programs provide benchmarks for hiring and promotion decisions by accurately assessing technical skills
  • For-certification training programs maximise educational investments through immediate validation of skills

Microsoft certification affords special membership benefits

  • Technical information, product information and exclusive discounts on products and services through a secured section of the Microsoft website
  • Microsoft logos and certificate for your personal promotion to clients or potential employers
  • Invitations to Microsoft conferences and other educational opportunities
  • Access to the secure Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online website


Firebrand Training has an aggressive educational schedule that thoroughly covers all essential elements necessary to become skilled as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certified professional. We cover the following Microsoft Official Curriculum:

Course 80043A: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

  • Module 1: Use General Functions
  • Module 2: Working with General Ledger Accounts. This module explains how to work with G/L Accounts.Lessons
  • Module 3: Add and View Dimensions. This module explains how to work with dimensions, add dimensions to a business document, and how to filter and view posted business transactions by dimensions.Lessons
  • Module 4: Manage Items. This module explains how to create a new item and view item availability.Lessons
  • Module 5: Process Purchases. This module explains how to work with the purchase process flow.Lessons
  • Module 6: Process Sales. This module explains how to work with sales process flow.Lessons
  • Module 7: Approve Documents. This module explains how to work with the approval process.Lessons
  • Module 8: Technology Overview. This module explains how objects work in the RoleTailored and Classic client, and what the elements in the Page Designer are used for. The architectural changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 as well the basic concepts regarding C/SIDE development environment is covered.
  • Module 9: Browse other Application Areas. This module explains what the other application areas are in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, including a brief overview and an outline of these areas. Lessons

Course 80041A: Finance in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

  • Module 1: Financial Management Setup
  • Module 10: Year End Closing Processes
  • Module 2: General Ledger
  • Module 3: General Journals
  • Module 4: Cash Management
  • Module 5: Receivables Management
  • Module 6: Payables Management
  • Module 7: Prepayments
  • Module 8: VAT and Intrastat
  • Module 9: Multicurrency

Course 80050A: Business Intelligence for Information Workers in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

  • Module 1: Overview and Financial Reporting. This module provides an overview of Business Intelligence and describes how to generate reports out of the Chart of Accounts—from determining the data to include in the reports, to designing the layout.Lessons
  • Module 2: XBRL
  • Module 3: Financial Analysis. This module describes types of dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, how to analyze data using dimensions, and how to create a report based on dimensions.Lessons
  • Module 4: Business Analytics. This module is designed to give information workers ready access to basic analysis and reporting capabilities. Concepts relating to any data mining software, including Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, are introduced and data cubes are created.Lessons
  • Module 5: Analyze Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data in Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Course 80049A: Application Setup in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

  • Module 1: Set Up a Company with the RIM Toolkit. This module provides individuals in charge of application setup, such as implementation consultants or customer staff, with the tools to set up a new company using the RIM toolkit, in addition to creating new records based on RIM data templates.Lessons
  • Module 2: Set Up Number Series
  • Module 3: Set Up Journal Templates and Batches. This module provides an overview of journal templates and journal batches to explain their purpose and composition. This module also explains how to set up a journal template and demonstrates how to create two journal batches based on one journal template.Lessons
  • Module 4: Set Up Posting GroupsIn this module, the three types of posting groups are described and set up, and then the functions of a posting group structure are demonstrated using a posted sales invoice.Lessons
  • Module 5: Set Up Dimensions
  • Module 6: Manage User Rights and Profiles. This module explains the concepts of logins, roles, and permissions, which are critical to managing user rights in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The module demonstrates central administrator tasks and offers recommendations about how to most effectively secure data in the system with logins for both the RoleTailored client and Classic client. This module also explains how to set up and assign users to profiles for use in the RoleTailored client.Lessons
  • Module 7: Set Up and Manage Document Approvals. This module is an introduction to process of setting up and managing the document approval system. It covers the general setup of approval users and documents to approve, including amount limits. Additionally, the module discusses how to customize the e-mail notification system related to the approval system.Lessons

Exam Track

You will be trained for, and sit, the following Microsoft Dynamics NAV exam:

  • Exam MB7-839 - NAV 2009 Core Setup and Finance

What's Included

Microsoft Official Curriculum

  • MOC 80041 AC - Finance in Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009
  • MOC 80043 AC - Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009
  • MOC 80049 AC - Application Setup in Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009
  • MOC 80050 AC - Business Intelligence for Information Workers in Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009


Before registering for this training, you have already confirmed that you possess basic knowledge of accounting principles, distribution & logistics, have the ability to use NAV in financials processing and have completed the e-learning course Dynamics NAV Introduction, found at PartnerSource.

Students who are successful in accelerated Dynamics NAV certification training may possess:

  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Working knowledge business management

Weet je niet zeker of je aan de vereisten voldoet? Maak je geen zorgen. Jouw trainingsadviseur bespreekt jouw achtergrond met je om te begrijpen of deze cursus geschikt is voor je.


Wereldwijd heeft Firebrand in haar 10-jarig bestaan al 134561 studenten opgeleid! We hebben ze allemaal gevraagd onze versnelde opleidingen te evalueren. De laatste keer dat we onze resultaten analyseerden, bleek 96.35% ons te beoordelen als 'boven verwachting'

"Well organised and structured. Location ideal for learning, not many distractions. Good food (and beer!)"
W.L. (8/4/2013 (Maandag) t/m 12/4/2013 (Vrijdag))

"Intense training and a really good instructor = succes!!"
Linda Kreutz, Navet AB. (15/10/2012 (Maandag) t/m 19/10/2012 (Vrijdag))

"Be ready to drop everything else and just study!"
Anoniem (15/10/2012 (Maandag) t/m 19/10/2012 (Vrijdag))

"Good training - nice stay."
Anoniem (25/6/2012 (Maandag) t/m 29/6/2012 (Vrijdag))

"Dedicated instructors were available as long as the classroom is open!"
Anoniem, TSG (25/6/2012 (Maandag) t/m 29/6/2012 (Vrijdag))


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