Our Instructors

Excellent instructors are more than just skilled technologists or project managers. Key to the success of a professional accelerated training provider is the instructor’s ability to translate complex theories into understandable concepts and applied knowledge.

Firebrand Training instructors are certified professionals – ranging from renowned authors to senior consultants with extensive practical experience. They combine their expertise with a broad understanding of how technologies and project methodologies are developed, used and managed in business operations. Every day, they gain new, valuable practical experience that is reflected in the courses they conduct and the books they write. Every Firebrand Training instructor:

  • Is certified in his or her chosen subjects (for our Microsoft courses, for example, we only use Microsoft Certified Trainers)
  • Has many years of experience in a senior consulting role
  • Provides accelerated instructions that cover the fundamentals and the practical concepts and demonstrate real-world scenarios to solidify your understanding

Firebrand Training instructors deliver the curriculum and coach students to ensure successful understanding and certification. The instructors provide group instruction and individual assistance to suit each individual’s unique needs.