Cyber Crime Training

The cyber security landscape is changing fast. Now more than ever, professionals across all industries – especially law enforcement – require expert cyber security skills.

Alongside certifying IT professionals in industry-leading certifications, like the CISSP, Firebrand has worked with every law enforcement agency across the UK. The result: a range of accelerated courses created to build the skills needed to prevent cyber crime.

Thousands of law enforcement professionals across the UK have already trained on these fast and all-inclusive courses, now it’s your turn. You’ll train fast and get access to:

  • Practical exercises across crime scenes
  • Competitive capture-the-flag crime scene investigation
  • The state-of-the-art cyber suite
  • Top instructors with decades of law enforcement and cyber security experience

Accelerated cyber crime training is ideal for anyone aiming to build knowledge in cyber security. From the entry-level Cyber Crime Foundation to the expert-level Cyber Crime Management course there’s a course to suit your current skills.


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