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Why Firebrand?

What are the benefits of the Firebrand accelerated training method?

The Firebrand intensive accelerated courses always include certification of the participants with corresponding exams. These are certifications from international vendors in IT, project and process management, such as Microsoft, Cisco, PMI, Linux/LPI, CompTIA, (ISC)², EC-Council, Oracle and others. This allows participants to document the knowledge they have acquired in the course with a certification that is well established in the market.

We combine this certification approach with the recognized and successful Firebrand accelerated training method.

Through this unique method, our course participants always achieve their training goals: efficiently, quickly and with the Firebrand performance guarantee.

Our Firebrand accelerated Training Method allows more information to be absorbed and successfully processed in a short period of time than usual. It is fundamentally different from traditional teaching methods. Participants are completely integrated into the teaching process. Free from any distractions, we have created an environment where participants focus only on success. The method builds on the established approach of "Accelerated Learning" by Dave Meier and applies the proven (Lecture | Lab | Review) TM concept.

Advantages for employees

  • Employees with recognized certifications generally have better knowledge, experience, and skills, and thus enjoy greater professional credibility
  • Career advancement: According to the Gartner study, 70% of IT managers consider certifications as an important criterion for promotions. Benefits for companies

Benefits for companies

  • Employer-sponsored training and certification programs are an important means of retaining qualified workers. Training and advancement opportunities have been shown to make an important contribution to reducing staff turnover
  • Certification programs provide an accurate assessment of professional skills, serving as benchmarks for hiring and promotion decisions
  • Training courses with certification extract optimal value from educational investments by providing immediate validation of skills
  • Certification plays an especially important role for HR managers, as it allows them to better assess an employee's skills. The more capable, specialized employees a company has, the greater its competitive advantage when dealing with potential new customers. In addition, certification can lead to an increase in productivity
  • Increased efficiency and productivity at work: Gartner study shows 75% of executives think certified staff are more productive

Ask yourself the following questions:

„Can I wait any longer to gain the knowledge & certification I already need in my job today?"
„Do I have hundreds of hours of personal time to devote to self-taught continuing education?"
„Can I afford it and do I want it?"
„Can my employer/client give me several weeks off for training courses?"
„Will my employer approve the budget for multiple weeks of training?"

If you answered „no" to even one of these questions, we have the perfect training solution for you!

How exactly does our Firebrand accelerated training work?

Firebrand Training has applied and adapted the Accelerated Learning methodology to IT training courses.

It is based on the proven 3-step process of lecture - lab - review. Visual, auditory and tactile forms of learning are used:


Your trainer will use both visual and auditory elements to best engage all participants.

The trainers will use examples and case studies from their practical experience and projects to make the lecture elements interesting and varied.


Participants benefit from extensive opportunities to apply what they have learned in practical exercises. In addition to the practical units provided for in the curriculum, the laboratory is available to all participants around the clock. This allows participants to immerse themselves in the material without interruption and to deepen their knowledge in practical applications.

Review & Evaluation

During the training, there are always assessment sections in which the level of knowledge achieved up to that point is reviewed - individually and/or in the group.

Almost all of our training courses include a certification. It is usually carried out directly on the course in our examination center. This means that you have completed and documented your training with a recognized certification.

Just give us a call and speak directly with our course consultants:

Just give us a call and speak directly with our course consultants: We will show you how to achieve your certification in just a few days (which, by the way, many consider impossible) and will be happy to help you make it happen. Talk to us, we look forward to meeting you!!