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Data Protection - GDPR Practitioner - General Data Protection Regulation



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28/6/2021 (Maandag)


Learn how to meet the strict requirements of GDPR in just 3 days with accelerated GDPR training. On this General Data Protection Regulation [(EU) 2016/679] Practitioner course, you’ll study the regulation itself, including GDPR basics and risk management.

You'll also study GDPR's relationship to current data protection and privacy legislation in Europe and elsewhere and learn the multi-jurisdictional consequences for the collection, retention and processing of Personal Data.

This GDPR training includes the GDPR Practitioner exam, which you'll sit at the Firebrand Training Centre during your accelerated course.

Learn fast on an all-inclusive course

This accelerated course is 25% faster than traditional GDPR training. You'll be back in the office sooner, putting your new knowledge into practice. In three days, you'll cover the following topics:

  • Overview of legal systems and their interrelationships
  • Embedding GDPR within organisations under common law, civil law and other legal systems
  • Major required changes in corporate governance standards and processes
  • Subtle effects of 'Big Data'
  • How to succeed under the self-reporting model of GDPR

You'll also discover what the integrated Personal Data environment would look like in your organisation. You'll then be able to develop, integrate and manage the changes required by GDPR in your organisation's governance, business and data processing.

Firebrand's GDPR training is designed for professionals with a practical need to understand and implement enterprise governance and business processes. This accelerated course is ideal for:

  • Senior executives responsible for process and governance
  • Contractors wishing to capitalise on this new area of process
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) practitioners
  • Lawyers wishing to understand the whole context of GDPR
  • Data privacy, security and compliance consultants
  • Auditors, risk and compliance practitioners

Ensure your business can conform to the requirements of GDPR with this accelerated 3-day GDPR training. Breaches of EU regulation by multinationals can result in fines upwards of £20 million and could be as high as 4% of worldwide gross turnover.

Zeven redenen waarom u met uw GDPR Practitioner cursus voor Firebrand Training moet kiezen

  1. U zult in slechts 3 dagen GDPR Practitioner gecertificeerd zijn. Met ons bent u in recordtijd GDPR Practitioner getraind
  2. Onze GDPR Practitioner cursus is all-inclusive. Een eenmalige contributie bekostigt alle cursusmaterialen, accommodaties en maaltijden.
  3. Slaag de eerste keer voor GDPR Practitioner of volg de training nogmaals. Dit is onze garantie. Wij zijn er zeker van dat u de eerste keer zult slagen voor uw GDPR Practitioner cursus. Mocht dit niet het geval zijn, dan kunt u binnen het jaar terugkomen en enkel voor de accommodatie en examens te betalen. De rest is gratis
  4. U zult meer GDPR Practitioner leren. Een dag met een traditionele training aanbieder duurt over het algemeen van 9 uur 's ochtends tot 17 uur in de middag, met een lange lunchpauze. Met Firebrand Training kunt u rekenen op minstens 12 uur leren per dag met uw instructeur
  5. U zult GDPR Practitioner snellerde theorie beheersen. De kans bestaat dat u een andere manier van leren heeft dan uw omgeving. Wij combineren visuele, auditieve en tastbare leerstijlen, dit zorgt voor een snellere en eenvoudigere manier van leren
  6. U zult GDPR Practitioner studeren met de beste. We hebben het Q-For kwaliteit label, dat onze standaarden en professionaliteit in de training markt erkent. Naast het winnen van nog vele andere prijzen, hebben we inmiddels 102793 professionals getraind en gecertificeerd en we zijn partners met alle grote namen in deze tak van het bedrijfsleven
  7. U zult meer doen dan alleen GDPR Practitioner de cursusstof bestuderen. We maken gebruik van laboratoria, case-studies en oefentests, om ervoor te zorgen dat u uw nieuwe kennis in uw werkomgeving kan toepassen. Onze instructeurs gebruiken demonstraties en hun eigen ervaringen om de dag interessant en boeiend te houden


  • Up-to-date content: the course is developed by specialist lawyers and enterprise architects who monitor the action of the courts and process developments – so you can rely on the most up-to-date content and relevant real-life examples.
  • Experienced instructors: Firebrand provides specialist instructors who are still practitioners with years of international experience in industry, commerce and the legal world which enriches the course by having real-world examples that enhance your learning experience.
  • IT-Savvy/IT-in-business-savvy/IT-in-legal-savvy: the GDPR Practitioner is delivered in the practical and pragmatic context of todays technology, so you will take away an understanding of the ways that technologies can support you in this new aspect of enterprise governance.


On this accelerated GDPR course, you'll cover the following topics:

  • Foundations of Modern Privacy Law
  • GDPR Basics
  • Personal Data and Consent: the six pathways to lawful business models
  • Key Data Subject Rights
  • Monitoring, Profiling, IT, the business, the GDPR, and case law
  • Key Controller Obligations – principles, “tick-boxes”, pseudo-rights, etc.
  • Exemptions, Member State Opt-outs
  • Risk Management and the EU Data Protection Officer - who, what, why, how?
  • International Transfers / Adequacy Regimes - BCRs, SCCs, Privacy Shield
  • Non-compliance - the new legal and technological routes to legal enforcement
  • GDPR's new legal defences against Foreign Governments
  • Effect of Brexit on the GDPR - and vice versa
  • Business Impacts: Security, Cloud, out-sourcing / Data Processors, IoT, Big Data
  • Next Steps - practical enterprise approaches to GDPR compliance
  • PIAs, BCRs, Enterprise Privacy Architecture basics
  • Project / Privacy Office Organisation and Workflow Management
  • Information Architecture, Data Mapping, and Privacy Dataflow Mapping
  • Enterprise Privacy Architecture as metadata
  • Multi-jurisdictional Legal Architecture
  • Automated Privacy Impact Assessment as core Project Initiation subprocess
  • The Future: Embedding Transactional EPA Metadata into Operational Systems

Firebrand's GDPR course also covers the following Data Protection Officer (DPO) areas:

  • Appreciate the statutory requirements of the DPO from 1995 until 2018
  • Compare with the basics of the onerous new regime by the GDPR
  • Assimilate the new statutory obligations on Controllers
  • Appreciate the diverse obligations on and statutory tasks of the DPO
  • Learn of the expert knowledge and statutory abilities required of the DPO
  • Consider the required expertise in law, IT, security, and associated topics
  • Understand a DPO's own personal rights, accountabilities, liabilities, and immunities in the role


What is a GDPR boot camp?

Firebrand’s GDPR Practitioner course (sometimes referred to as a GDPR boot camp) is an accelerated 3-day course that will introduce you to GDPR. You’ll also sit your GDPR Practitioner exam at the Firebrand Training Centre, just steps away from your classroom.

Does Firebrand offer GDPR Practitioner online training?

Firebrand does not provide online training for the GDPR Practitioner course. Instead, Firebrand’s GDPR course provides students with an opportunity to learn in-person from real-world GDPR and data protection experts.

How much does GDPR training cost?

To find out the cost of this accelerated GDPR Practitioner course and others, visit our prices page.

What exam will I take?

During your accelerated course, you'll prove your knowledge with Firebrand's GDPR exam, developed by specialist lawyers and enterprise architects.

This open book exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and the pass mark is 50%. The time limit is 75 minutes for English speakers and 105 minutes for non-native English speakers.

Is there a governing body for GDPR certification?

There is no governing body for GDPR certification. Every training provider currently creates their own courses and exams. You will be accredited by the organisation you train with.

Firebrand’s GDPR Practitioner course was designed and developed by a Barrister of the Middle Temple with international experience in privacy law. You’ll effectively receive three days in front of counsel, ensuring your organisation becomes GDPR compliant as fast as possible.

Where can I find GDPR Practitioner exam questions?

GDPR practice exam questions can be found on the Firebrand blog - test and practice your GDPR knowledge now.

Exam Track

You'll sit the following exam at the Firebrand Training Centre, covered by your Certification Guarantee:

  • GDPR Practitioner exam
    • Format: 40 multiple-choice questions with 4 responses each
    • Pass mark: 50%
    • Only the written content of the slide modules will be examined
    • You will be given Practice Exam Questions both within the the body of the instruction and as self-study aid
    • The exam is ‘open book’ and you will be provided with a printed copy of the Recitals and Articles of the GDPR
    • The language of the exam and supporting materials is English (United Kingdom)
    • The time limit is 75 minutes for English speakers and 105 minutes for non-native English speakers

What's Included

On your GDPR Practitioner course, you'll also receive:

  • Firebrand GDPR training material (PDF)
  • The necessary documentation referred to in the course. Including: treaties, EU directives and leading case judgements.
  • Privacy impact assessment examples
  • Dataflow creation templates
  • Enterprise Privacy Architecture Templates
  • Free access to Enterprise Privacy Architecture data quality verification service
  • An access code for free trial subscription to automated Privacy Impact Assessment Service


You do not require any specific prerequisites for this accelerated course. However, it is advised that you have over five years of business experience and adequate knowledge of the English language.

Weet je niet zeker of je aan de vereisten voldoet? Maak je geen zorgen. Jouw trainingsadviseur bespreekt jouw achtergrond met je om te begrijpen of deze cursus geschikt is voor je.


Wereldwijd heeft Firebrand in haar 10-jarig bestaan al 102793 studenten opgeleid! We hebben ze allemaal gevraagd onze versnelde opleidingen te evalueren. De laatste keer dat we onze resultaten analyseerden, bleek 96.67% ons te beoordelen als 'boven verwachting'

"It was a nice experience with high quality deliveries."
Hitham houliou. (30/7/2018 (Maandag) t/m 1/8/2018 (Woensdag))

"I am into training professionals myself. I both receive and administer training. This was one of the best training I attended administered by a professions barrister. The insight, knowledge and was of teaching, not only reciting theory but incorporating real life examples making the whole course material far easier to comprehend."
Mary Papasopoulos, GMa Auditors Ltd. (30/7/2018 (Maandag) t/m 1/8/2018 (Woensdag))

"An interesting and informative course covering many aspects of GDPR and the complexities it throws up and will continue to throw up for all parties covered but it was well worth attending if you are going to come under it."
Mark Cameron. (30/7/2018 (Maandag) t/m 1/8/2018 (Woensdag))

"This is my 5th courses here at Firebrand. The teaching standard is excellent across the board. I look forward to returning for my change management course. Firebrand have ignited my passion for learning at this accelerated pace."
Jennifer Hamling-Hills, Orangutan Project Management. (13/11/2017 (Maandag) t/m 15/11/2017 (Woensdag))

"Great class. I would recommend the course to anyone."
Eric Lee, Itsoha. (13/11/2017 (Maandag) t/m 15/11/2017 (Woensdag))


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