Blue Prism

Blue Prism provides an invaluable service to organisations by helping teach their staff how to automate the most important processes that matter the most to the business. For many technological businesses, this can help save so much time and costs by turning manual processes into automated ones.

Who are Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a multinational software company that designs robotic process automation software which provides a workforce to automate complex operational activities.

Benefits of Blue Prism

  • Accelerated innovation and opportunity generation
  • Increased productivity to deliver on higher-value initiatives
  • Optimised service quality and delivery
  • Expand your range of your skills in the technology industry

Blue Prism Audience

It is recommended that Blue Prism courses are taken by anyone that works in the technological industry (software engineers, developers) or anyone interested in adding to their existing skill set.


Technology has the power to save companies so much time and getting Blue Prism certified can help you learn what processes your business can automate to focus on other important areas.