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Why Firebrand?

Meet your new upskill solution.

At Firebrand, we get people certified and back to work at twice the speed. With our new Deploy programmes, we’re expanding this to your entire team.


What is Firebrand Deploy?

Firebrand Deploy is a bespoke IT training programme that gets your team trained, certified, and contributing faster.

Whether you’re taking your current staff to the next level, onboarding IT apprentices, or creating a talent pipeline for a client, Firebrand Deploy gets your people on the same page every time.


How can Deploy help your business?

Firebrand Deploy benefits include:

  • Attract and upskill fresh talent quickly
  • Upskill existing contractors for higher day rates
  • Deploy candidates within a robust recurring revenue model
  • Build teams quickly for clients, trained and certified together
  • Enhance your client partnerships and fuel exponential growth
  • Penetrate international markets with our global, IR35-compliant delivery


How does Firebrand Deploy work?

  • Get in touch.
  • Let’s talk. What’s your strategy, what skills do you need, what are your pain points, roadblocks, when do you need this done?
  • Assessment. Our in-house IT and HR specialists create bespoke
  • Deploy programmes for your needs.
  • Review. We select the best one together.
  • We set the ball rolling.


What kind of Deploy programmes are there?

At Firebrand, we offer more than 2,000 accelerated certification courses from the biggest names in IT, from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon AWS, to ISACA, ISC2, PMI, EC-Council, and more.

Through Firebrand Deploy, we can package them into customised solutions to meet your IT and HR strategy.

Is Firebrand Deploy right for you?

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