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Darren Anderson's Story

I chose to get into the IT industry because I enjoy spending my time on computers and around technology, and IT is definitely one of my main hobbies. My experience began as a "System Administrator" for an educational charity, off the back of another apprenticeship outside of Firebrand, in which I was kept on their for an additional year after completing my apprenticeship.

I was placed on a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician course, which I am only happy to be on because of the fact that I wanted First Line Support experience, which I was not granted in my first apprenticeship role, but felt I could have easily taken on board and learnt a great deal if given the chance. Apprenticeships are usually easy to get, but after my first, I realised that they can also give you valuable work experience, with a lot less pressure to perform etc. But mainly, depending on the organisation you are placed in, apprenticeships give you very valuable work experience.

If I stay in the IT and corporate industry, at the moment I just aspire to master ALL areas of First Line Support, with a basic knowledgebase for Second Line, in order to become a contractor in the industry. I thank Firebrand for introducing me to a world filled with EVERYTHING IT!

Darren Anderson - IT and Network Support Technician