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Gregory Taylor's Story

I first got into IT at lower school and really enjoyed working with/on computers, so from there I decided to continue doing IT at GCSE. Then went on to study IT Level 3 at college, where I studied more the networking side of computing. After college, I then started looking for an apprenticeship in networking, as i'd gained more of an interest for networking whilst at college, which is when I saw that Firebrand were offering a Level 4 apprenticeship for a 'Cloud Operation Engineer' so I decided to apply for this role.

Once I applied, I was soon contacted by Keat, a member of Firebrand recruitment team, and he went through with me the whole application process and I found that he was really supportive and helpful throughout this stage and when my application got through he helped prepare for the interview and made sure I was well prepared for it. I then successfully got the position I applied for.

The reason I chose an apprenticeship is because I felt that with IT, the experience of working in a proper working environment would benefit me more than going to university. I also felt the expenses of apprenticeship are more of a benefit, as you don't need to get a student loan and you also get paid whilst on a apprenticeship.

Currently, I am really enjoying my apprenticeship and feel that the company that I am working for, and Firebrand, are supporting me through it. I have a Firebrand facilitator, Sarah, who has been very supportive and helpful making sure i'm clear on what's needed for the apprenticeship and she's always on hand if needed.

At the moment I am unsure what I want to do as a career, but currently I feel from this apprenticeship I will gain all the necessary skills and knowledge I will need to look for an appropriate career path. But, I am enjoying being a Cloud Operation Engineer as it offers a wide range of experience.

Gregory Taylor - Apprentice Cloud Operations Engineer