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Laura O'Connor's Story

I have always found IT to be an interesting topic and also enjoyed being the 'go to' person so when I was offered a role that provided a mix of the two, I jumped at the opportunity.

My experience certainly isn’t 'techy' and come from a projects background. I chose Firebrand as I was keen to learn with a provider with a great reputation, who provided a fantastic level of training and when I found I could learn new skills without being away from the office for extended periods of time, this suited me down to the ground! By studying at Firebrand my company has benefited through improved IT security understanding which has made our systems more robust.

In the future, I aim to use my new skills to develop and bring our staff up to a higher level and help to support innovative ideas and change. It’s going to be great to have a better understanding of what processes make new software easier to use whilst reducing defects and errors.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to Firebrand for lots more training in the future!

Laura O'Connor -