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James Bellon's Story

After spending some time in administration and retail I got a job working for Apple where I was given the opportunity to work in a more technical atmosphere and get some hands on experience problem solving for end users. This inspired me to want to get deeper involved in the world of IT and start looking for apprenticeships. This was when Firebrand was recommended to me.

I choose to do an IT Infrastructure apprenticeship as it had a great range of training attached to it that covered all the main areas of IT which would give me a great jumping off point to decide what I wanted to specialize in later on in my career. Using the skills I have learnt I will be taking them back to my company and use them to improve efficiency and share the knowledge with my colleagues.

I plan to continue down the security path as I work in the financial industry this is very high priority for my company. I have been looking at courses such as CISMP and CEH, getting these qualifications will allow me to become a security consultant and protect my company and others as the world of IT rapidly expands.

James Bellon - IT Analyst