Questions on Scope Management

1. Which of the following is an example of a group creativity technique?

A – Idea / mind mapping
B – Interviewing
C – Observations
D – Unanimity

2. Which process has an output of Requirements Documentation?

A – Define Scope
B – Create WBS
C – Collect Requirements
D – Validate Scope

3. Whilst examining project documentation for a project you have just taken over, you notice that not all the stakeholders were consulted and the project scope statement appears to be incomplete.Which process should you revisit and why?

A – Identify Stakeholders as not all the stakeholders were originally identified
B – Define Scope as the Project Scope Statement does not contain Acceptance Criteria and the project team will not be able to carry out user acceptance testing on the final product
C – Define Scope because not all the tools and techniques for this process were used
D – Collect Requirements because the needs and expectations of all the stakeholders were not taken into account previously

4. The features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result is known as?

A – Project Scope
B – Product Scope
C – Features Scope
D – Attribute Scope

5. A predefined budget is an example of a?

A – Risk
B – Assumption
C – Constraint
D – Target

6. When discussing your ideas with your line manager, on how to move forward in the project, you notice how impressed she is with them and wants you to start work straightaway. She gets the team together so you can go through those ideas with them.What is the next thing you should do?

A – Start this team meeting by explaining your ideas and know that they will understand what they have to do to meet the project objectives
B – Explain to your line manager that you have to put these ideas into a working framework called a network diagram by first creating a WBS and this has to be done before – holding this team meeting.
C – Thank her for the obvious faith she has in your skills and abilities
D – Record her decision in the Project Management Plan

7. What option is true about the Project Scope Statement?

A – It includes a system for identifying, assessing, evaluating and responding to risks
B – It describes how the project team will take the work breakdown structure and identify activities from the work packages
C – It includes a system which allows for the management of changes to scope
D – It takes details from the Initiation and Planning processes, progressively elaborating them in more detail so that future management decisions can be made based on its content

8. What is true about the WBS? The WBS is a:

A – Product oriented logical decomposition of the final product which the project will produce
B – Deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team
C – Set of work packages defined in a list arranged by function and department
D – Set of deliverables shown in their sequence of work production

9. What is at the lowest level of the WBS?

A – A description of the final product
B – Risks associated with each activity of the WBS
C – Work packages shown by control account
D – Control accounts which enable direct control of the work by cost centre

10. The Scope Baseline comprises?

A – The Project Scope Statement, WBS and WBS Dictionary
B – The Project Definition, WBS and Work Package Dictionary
C – The Project Charter, Scope Statement and WBS Dictionary
D – The Project Management Plan, WBS and WBS Dictionary

11. Which option is correct about the Validate Scope process? It is a process which:

A – Ensures that only the scope is produced when executing the work and carrying out quality checking activities
B – Formalises acceptance of the completed project deliverables and obtaining formal acceptance of the deliverables by the customer or sponsor
C – Completes acceptance of the completed work packages by the customer or sponsor
D – Ensures that the deliverables meet their quality criteria

12. When examining the project documentation for a project you have just been assigned, you notice that the previous PM for this project had not fully defined the scope and left himself a reminder to revisit this in 2 months time. What could happen if you don’t tackle this straight away?

A – Nothing as the scope description is perfectly okay
B – Poor team morale unless you discuss this with your project team and ask them for their input
C – Project costs could increase due to rework caused by poor definition of deliverables and also delays to the project schedule
D – Project costs could decrease as the schedule allowed for rework which may not be necessary

13. When working on the WBS for your project, you notice a numbering system that your Finance Manager has given you to use in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Which of the following is true? The numbering system is a unique identifier that is known as the:

A – Work Package ID and is recorded in the WBS Dictionary, and is used to assign codes for quality control to each work package
B – Code of accounts used to track the costs of the individual WBS work packages
C – WBS Dictionary used to track the descriptions of work elements & control scope creep
D – Code of accounts which is used to track time and resource assignments for activities

14. You have taken the project objectives and are translating them into milestones, requirements and deliverables in the process Define Scope. Which of these tools and techniques listed below would you not use?

A – Value engineering and value analysis
B – Systems analysis and systems engineering
C – Product breakdown and functional analysis
D – Design of experiments, functional deployment and specification analysis

15. When carrying out the planning processes you have identified several elements that you know have to be incorporated in the Project Management Plan. Which of the following limits the options for the project team?

A – Assumptions
B – Constraints
C – Technology
D – Team working


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