Answers to Integration Management Questions

1. D is the correct answer. The Strategic Plan is at organizational level and outlines the strategic direction(s), objectives and Business Targets. These will be achieved through change actions taken, some of which will be in the form of one of more projects, maybe managed within a program or portfolio. The project objectives should be derived from them and will support achievement of these strategic objectives.

2. C is correct. A and B are not tools and techniques of this process. D is not a tool/technique.

3. C is the correct answer as the question clearly describes an organisational need to make massive changes to give the sales staff the kind of support they drastically need. The project will make use of efficiencies by using the right technology hardware and software but is not as a result of these. This could be a customer request but the best answer is C because it would recognised as an organisational need before it can be raised formally by an internal customer.

4. A is the right answer. You should consider all of the processes, thereby address them and apply them in whatever depth is required for project success. B is something you should never do (the without question bit) and any tailoring you do, should be recorded in a Tailoring Statement or Summary, to ensure others can understand why this tailoring was done. C is not really workable as you will need PMs or Workstream/ Work Package managers/Team Leaders to ensure each workstream progresses satisfactorily. D is a wrong answer because all the workstreams could be projects and as they are related, would be better managed as a program.

The second part of this answer is correct as it is too big “for you” to handle and you are keeping to the standards of responsibility as stated in the Code of Ethics by doing this. However the first part of this answer makes it wrong as an answer as it refers to portfolio and not program.

5. C is the right answer. A, B and D are incorrect, daily updates are not necessary, at least once a week is a rule but it should be flexible.

6. B is the correct answer. All the other answers are organisational process assets but are of limited help given the process you are in.

7. C is the correct answer. B has processes from Scope Management, D from Time Management and A is a mixture.

8. C is correct. A is an enterprise environmental factor and B and D are in the Project SOW.

9. A is the correct answer.

10. D is the correct answer. A, B and C are all types of approved change, whereas D is a phase within a project.

11. D is the correct and best answer.

12. B is the correct answer. You should choose the answer with the highest IRR, the highest NPV or the lowest payback period. It is unlikely that you will get a question like this which asks you about all 3 factors at the same time.

13. D is the correct answer. The $575,000 is recouped by the cash inflows at the end of month 10 in the third year.

14. C is the correct answer as the PM does not select projects.

15. B is the correct answer as IRR assumes reinvestment at the IRR rate and is the discount rate when NPV is equal to zero.


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