Project Management Process Groups and Process Exercise

1. Use the project characteristics given below to populate the second table’s blank cells. You may want to add 2 -3 more entries from your own experience.

Will be supervised to ensure the team targets are met each week

People coming together for the first time

Will produce an output that does not currently exist nor can be purchased

Requires a plan for it’s management

Contains repetitive tasks and activities

Has to be executed

Must be monitored & controlled

Has been done before

Has a finite duration

Is performed by team members



Business As Usual (Operations)


2. Categorize each entry below according to its type, by putting a cross in the second or third column:




Setting up a car wash operation

Production of 25 Audi A6 cars for delivery against the new Newcastle Upon Tyne Chamber of Commerce order

Completing a process analysis and workflow redesign

Monitoring the team to ensure weekly targets are met

Production of the Performance Report for Quarter 4

Redesign of the web site to incorporate a new fulfilment mechanism

Organizing the annual Sales Conference at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles

Delivery of the Quarter 4 Sales Projections presentation to the Executive Board

3. Write the 5 PMI® Process Groups below and create (or adopt) a mnemonic to aid memory recall


4. Write down as many processes as you can remember:


Check your answers


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