13. Stakeholder Management - Session Summary

Knowledge Areas covered in Project Stakeholder Management:

13.1 - Identify Stakeholders - Initiating

  • The process of identifying the people, groups, or organisations that could impact or be impacted by a decision, activity, or outcome of the project; and analysing and documenting relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, inter-dependencies, influence and potential impact on project success.

13.2 - Plan Stakeholder Management - Planning

  • The process of developing appropriate management strategies to effectively engage stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, based on the analysis of their needs, interests and potential impact on project success.

13.3 - Manage Stakeholder Engagement - Executing

  • The process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs/expectations, address issues as they occur and foster appropriate stakeholder engagement in project activities throughout the project life cycle.

13.4 - Control Stakeholder Engagement - Monitoring & Control

  • The process of monitoring overall project stakeholder relationships and adjusting strategies and plans for engaging stakeholders.

What Next?

Test your knowledge with a series of exercises:

Exercise - Project Stakeholder Management

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