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The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification helps validate proficiency in using Microsoft Office 2010 and meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the latest Microsoft technologies. Candidates who pass a certification exam show that they can meet globally recognised performance standards.

The Microsoft Office Specialist certification is appropriate for candidates in the following roles: Communications, Database Administrator, Database Specialist, Help Desk Support, Product Specialist, Software Specialist and Web Professional.


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Microsoft Word 2010

Sharing and Maintaining Documents

  • Apply different views to a document - Zoom, split windows and arrange panes, document views, switching windows, new window
  • Apply protection to a document - Apply protection by using Backstage methods, apply protection by using Ribbon methods, Mark as Final
  • Manage document versions - Recover draft versions, Delete all draft versions
  • Share documents - E-mail, SkyDrive, File types, Internet fax, Publish as a blog post
  • Save a Document - DOCX format, file types, Save As options
  • Apply a template to a document - Finding templates

Formatting Content

  • Apply font and paragraph attributes - Apply character attributes, apply styles, use Format Painter
  • Navigate and search through a document - Navigation pane, Go to, Browse by button, Highlight, Set Find and Replace options
  • Apply indentation and tab settings to paragraphs - Apply indents, set tabs, use the Tabs Dialog Box, set tabs on the ruler, clear tabs, tab stops
  • Apply spacing settings to text and paragraphs - Line spacing, paragraph spacing
  • Create tables - Use the Insert Table Dialog Box, draw a table, insert a Quick Table, Convert text to tables, use a table to control page layout
  • Manipulate tables in a document - Sort content, add a row to a table, add a column to a table, split, merge, move, resize, and delete a row or column, define header row, layout options, convert tables to text, view gridlines
  • Apply bullets to a document - Apply, remove, select symbol format, define pictures to be used as a bullet, AutoFormat, sort, define new, set value, continue from previous, restart at one, promotion, demotion, stop list creation.

Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content

  • Apply and manipulate page setup settings - Set margins, non-breaking spaces, hyphenation, columns, work with breaks, force a page break, insert a section break, insert a blank page into a document
  • Apply themes - Use a theme to apply formatting, customize a theme
  • Construct content in a document by using the Quick Parts tool - Add built-in building blocks
  • Create and manipulate page backgrounds - Format a document's background, set a colored background, add a watermark, place a border around a document's pages
  • Create and modify headers and footers - Insert and format page numbers, insert the current date and time, insert a built-in header or footer, add content to a header or footer, delete, change margins, apply the different first page attribute, apply the odd/even attribute, navigation

Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

  • Insert and format Pictures in a document - Captions, artistic effects, compress pictures, corrections, modify the shape, reset, picture styles, arrange options, size, screenshots
  • Insert and format shapes, WordArt, and SmartArt - Adding text to a shape, modifying text on a shape, captions, shape styles, arrange options, size
  • Insert and format Clip Art - Organizing ClipArt, captions, artistic effects, compress pictures, corrections, modify the shape, reset, picture styles, arrange options, size
  • Apply and manipulate text boxes - Format, save selection to text box gallery, text box styles, text direction, shadow effects, 3-D effects, arrange options

Proofreading documents

  • Validate content by using spelling and grammar checking options - Grammar and style settings
  • Configure AutoCorrect settings - Add, remove, exceptions, AutoCorrect dialog
  • Insert and modify comments in a document - Navigation, insert, edit, delete, and view a comment.

Applying References and Hyperlinks

  • Apply a hyperlink - Hyperlink using text, hyperlink using graphic, headings and bookmarks, create new document, E-mail address
  • Create Endnotes and Footnotes in a document - Manage footnote and endnote location, configure footnote and endnote format, presentation, and numbering
  • Create a Table of Contents in a document - Default formats, show levels, alignment, tab leader, formats, options, modify styles, update table

Performing Mail Merge Operations

  • Setup mail merge - Perform a mail merge using the Mail Merge Wizard, perform a mail merge manually, Auto check for errors
  • Execute mail merge - Print, preview

Microsoft Excel 2010

Managing the Worksheet Environment

  • Navigate through a worksheet - Hot keys, name box
  • Print a worksheet or workbook - Print only selected worksheets, print an entire workbook, construct headers and footers, apply printing options
  • Personalize environment by using Backstage - Manipulate the Quick Access Toolbar, manipulate the ribbon tabs and groups, manipulate Excel default settings, import data to Excel, import data from Excel, demonstrate how to manipulate workbook properties, manipulate workbook files and folders. apply different name and file formats for different uses by using save and save as features

Creating Cell Data

  • Construct cell data - Paste special, cut, move, select
  • Apply AutoFill - Copy data using AutoFill, fill series using AutoFill, copy or preserve cell format with AutoFill, select from drop-down list
  • Apply and manipulate hyperlinks - Create a hyperlink in a cell, modify hyperlinks, modify hyperlinked-cell attributes, remove a hyperlink

Formatting Cells and Worksheets

  • Apply and modify cell formats - Hot keys, Right-click menu, ribbon methods, paste special, Format Painter
  • Merge or split cells - Dialog box, Merge & Center button, formatting issues, unmerge
  • Create row and column titles - Print row and column headings, print rows to repeat with titles, print columns to repeat with titles, configure titles to print only on odd or even pages, configure titles to skip the first worksheet page
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns - Hide a column, unhide a column, hide a series of columns, hide a row, unhide a row, hide a series of rows
  • Manipulate Page Setup options for worksheets - Configure page orientation, manage page scaling, configure page margins, change header and footer size
  • Create and apply cell styles - Apply cell styles, construct new cell styles

Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Create and format worksheets - Insert worksheets, delete worksheets, copy, reposition, copy and move, rename, grouping, apply coloring to worksheet tabs, hiding worksheet tabs, unhiding worksheet tabs
  • Manipulate window views - Split arrange, new
  • Manipulate workbook views - Custom view, normal view

Applying Formulas and Functions

  • Create formulas - Use basic operators, revise formulas
  • Enforce precedence - Order of evaluation, precedence using parentheses, precedence of operators for percent vs. exponentiation
  • Apply cell references in formulas - Relative, absolute
  • Apply conditional logic in a formula - Create a formula with values that match your conditions, edit defined conditions in a formula, use a series of conditional logic values in a formula
  • Apply named ranges in formulas - Define, edit and rename a named range
  • Apply cell ranges in formulas - Enter a cell range definition in the formula bar, define a cell range using the mouse, define a cell range using a keyboard shortcut

Presenting Data Visually

  • Create charts based on worksheet data.
  • Apply and manipulate illustrations - Clip Art, SmartArt, shapes, screenshots
  • Create and modify images by using the Image Editor - Make corrections to an image, picture color tools to change image, change artistic effects on an image
  • Apply Sparklines - Sparkline chart, use Line, Column, or Win/Loss chart type

Sharing worksheet data with other users

  • Share spreadsheets by using Backstage - E-mail, SkyDrive, XPS, change file type, create PDF
  • Manage comments - Insert, view, edit, delete

Analyzing and Organizing Data

  • Filter data - Define, apply, remove, search, filter lists using AutoFilter
  • Sort data - Use sort options
  • Apply conditional formatting - Apply conditional formatting to cells, use the Rule Manager to Apply Conditional Formats, use the IF Function and Apply Conditional Formatting, icon sets, data bars, clear rules

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Creating and Formatting Presentations

  • Create new presentations.
  • Customize slide masters.
  • Add elements to slide masters.
  • Create and change presentation elements.
  • Arrange slides.

Creating and Formatting Slide Content

  • Insert and format text boxes.
  • Manipulate text.
  • Add and link existing content to presentations.
  • Apply, customize, modify, and remove animations.

Working with Visual Content

  • Create SmartArt diagrams.
  • Modify SmartArt diagrams.
  • Insert illustrations and shapes.
  • Modify illustrations.
  • Arrange illustrations and other content.
  • Insert and modify charts.
  • Insert and modify tables.

Collaborating on and Delivering Presentations

  • Review presentations.
  • Protect presentations.
  • Secure and share presentations.
  • Prepare printed materials.
  • Prepare for and rehearse presentation delivery.

Exam Track

Certification candidates must pass one or more certification exams to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist certification. The exams provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise by evaluating overall comprehension of Microsoft applications. They test the ability to use the advanced features of the products and to integrate them with other software applications.

Exam 77-881: Word 2010

You will be able to use Microsoft Office Word 2010 to create and edit professional-looking documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Students include people from a wide variety of job roles from almost all areas of professional, student, and personal life.

Exam 77-882: Excel 2010

You will be able to use Microsoft Office Excel 2010 to create and edit professional-looking spreadsheets for a variety of purposes and situations. Students include people from a wide variety of job roles from almost all areas of professional, student, and personal life.

Exam 77-883: PowerPoint 2010

You will be especially effective and efficient at creating and formatting presentation masters and templates, creating and formatting slide content, working with dynamic visual content, and collaborating on and delivering presentations.


Students who are successful in the the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification course should possess:

  • Windows operating system experience
  • Microsoft Office experience

Unsure whether you meet the prerequisites? Don’t worry. Your training consultant will discuss your background with you to understand if this course is right for you.


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"The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful and look forward to the next course"
Duane Leslie Jones, Capita plc. (2/11/2022 (Wednesday) to 4/11/2022 (Friday))

"You visit a very well-organised Training Centre with all modern amenities in almost the middle of nowhere! That will help you focus and ensure that you spend time needed to get stuff done and get prepared for your Certification. Added bonus, the folks working for Firebrand are awesome!"
Nikolaos Velissaris, Microsoft. (29/11/2022 (Tuesday) to 2/12/2022 (Friday))

"Very detailed course with a extremely knowledgeable instructor."
Anonymous. (29/11/2022 (Tuesday) to 2/12/2022 (Friday))

"Quite a lot but learned many new things!"
Anonymous. (29/11/2022 (Tuesday) to 2/12/2022 (Friday))

"The instructor was great in explaining the the concepts. She used many real time examples throughout the course which made the topic interesting and easy to understand."
Tejas Patil, Capita plc. (2/11/2022 (Wednesday) to 4/11/2022 (Friday))

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