Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification - Only 5 Days

The Technology Specialist certifications enable professionals to target specific technologies and distinguish themselves by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of and expertise in the technologies with which they work. Microsoft Technology Specialists are consistently capable of implementing, building, troubleshooting, and debugging a particular Microsoft technology..

The goal of our 5 day accelerated Microsoft SQL Server 2005 certification is to provide IT professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, implement and administer Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases. This is an accelerated, fully immersed course, designed upon the job-related tasks of a DBA.

The course is appropriate for individuals who derive physical database designs, develop logical data models, create physical databases, create data services by using Transact-SQL, manage and maintain databases, configure and manage security, monitor and optimize databases, and install and configure SQL Server.

The SQL Server 2005 Course is Appropriate for:

  • Database administrator
  • Database analysts
  • Database developers

Firebrand Training is unlike any other "boot camp". With Firebrand Training, you will learn more. We offer accelerated training courses that ensure professionals will emerge with thorough knowledge of the products in the shortest possible time. 

Instructors are available at all times to provide individual and group attention, lead lab exercises and practice sessions, and ensure the students' success. Our attention to detail shows in our unsurpassed instruction and customer service, our classroom and testing facilities, and our individual and corporate success stories.

From the skilful crafting of our unique curriculum and careful selection of courseware to every detail of your training comfort, Firebrand Training is the best way to obtain SQL 2005 skills. Other training providers cannot match our commitment to quality instruction-led training and top-notch educational facilities.

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Seven reasons why you should sit your course with Firebrand Training

  1. You'll be SQL 2005 certified in just 5 days. With us, you’ll be SQL 2005 trained in record time
  2. Our SQL 2005 course is all-inclusive. A one-off fee covers all course materials, exams, accommodation and meals. No hidden extras
  3. Pass SQL 2005 first time or train again for free. This is our guarantee. We’re confident you’ll pass your course first time. But if not, come back within a year and only pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs
  4. You’ll learn more. A day with a traditional training provider generally runs from 9am – 5pm, with a nice long break for lunch. With Firebrand Training you’ll get at least 12 hours/day quality learning time, with your instructor
  5. You’ll learn SQL 2005 faster. Chances are, you’ll have a different learning style to those around you. We combine visual, auditory and tactile styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily
  6. You’ll be studying SQL 2005 with the best. We’ve been named in Training Industry’s “Top 20 IT Training Companies of the Year” every year since 2010. As well as winning many more awards, we’ve trained and certified 72,589 professionals, and we’re partners with all of the big names in the business
  7. You'll do more than study Firebrand's courseware. We use practical exercises to make sure you can apply your new knowledge to the work environment. Our instructors use demonstrations and real-world experience to keep the day interesting and engaging

Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Use your free Microsoft training vouchers

You may be entitled to heavily-discounted training via Microsoft's Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) scheme. If your business has bought Microsoft software, check to see if it came bundled with free training vouchers! Vouchers can be exchanged against training for all Microsoft technologies. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us

So what makes SQL Server 2005 compelling? The following short list highlights some

Enhanced features

  • T-SQL enhancement
  • Performance improvements
  • Backup enhancements
  • Online-maintenance operations
  • Business-intelligence enhancements
  • Management-GUI enhancements
  • Security enhancements
  • Increased memory usage with
  • Standard Edition
  • XML enhancements
  • SSIS enhancements (formerly DTS)
  • Better e-mail handling
  • 64-bit support

New features

  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Service Broker
  • New product versions
  • High-availability features
  • Data encryption
  • Database Tuning Advisor
  • Dedicated administrator connection

So now that you have decided to upgrade to or deploy SQL Server 2005 - why educate?

As SQL Server continues to mature, more and more features are added to the base product. This is both good and bad. The plus side is that you get more than just a database engine. The down side is that you have a lot more to learn. The days of being of being an expert on every aspect of SQL Server are over -- but this doesn't mean that you can't still use these new features. If you are only using the product's base functionality you are missing out on a wealth of functions. Case in point: Analysis Services, SQL Server's business analysis tools. This product has been available for several years and most people that use SQL Server have never taken advantage or know little about it.

What are the benefits of certification?

For IT managers, certification is particularly important because it allows them to more easily identify the skills that an individual possesses. When a company has employees that possess certain skills, it can garner a competitive advantage when seeking to attract customers. Certification can also contribute to increased productivity, because studies have shown that certified individuals are generally quicker to implement and design new technologies. And of course by knowing that their employees are certified, IT managers can feel more confident about their ability to implement and support a network infrastructure.


  • Overwhelmingly, individuals with Microsoft certifications have an advanced level of knowledge, expertise and skill, and command more professional credibility.
  • The MCDBA certification is recognized as a particularly elite indication of an database administrator's prowess and skill level, and these professionals are highly sought by employers.
  • Individual students may receive college credits to utilize tuition reimbursement programs for their IT training or to complete college coursework.

Human Resources

  • Employer-funded training and certification programs are a key to retaining skilled IT staff. Career development and advancement opportunities are shown to significantly reduce rates of employee turnover.
  • Certification Training Programs provide benchmarks for hiring and promotion decisions by accurately assessing technical skills.
  • For-certification training programs maximize educational investments through immediate validation of skills.

 Microsoft certification affords special membership benefits

  • Technical information, product information and exclusive discounts on products and services through a secured section of the Microsoft website.
  • Microsoft logos and certificate for your personal promotion to clients or potential employers.
  • Invitations to Microsoft conferences and other educational opportunities.
  • Access to the secure Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online website.

Other accelerated training providers rely heavily on lecture and independent self-testing and study.

Effective technical instruction must be highly varied and interactive to keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the students and instructor, and solidify knowledge through hands-on learning.

Firebrand Training provides instruction to meet every learning need:

  • Intensive group instruction
  • One-on-one instruction attention
  • Hands-on labs
  • Lab partner and group exercises
  • Question and answer drills
  • Independent study

This information has been provided as a helpful tool for candidates considering training. Courses that include certification come with a Certification Guarantee. Pass first time or train again for free (just pay for accommodation, exams and incidental costs). We do not make any guarantees about personal successes or benefits of obtaining certification. Benefits of certification determined through studies do not guarantee any particular personal successes.

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Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Firebrand Training provides thorough instructor-led training to ensure that you learn the fundamentals and obtain hands-on skills. You will emerge able to immediately apply your new knowledge in your career environment.

Firebrand Training has an aggressive educational schedule that thoroughly covers all essential elements necessary to become skilled as an SQL Server 2005 professional.

  • Day 1  Using Transact-SQL to retrieve data from SQL Server 2005
  • Day 2  Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database
  • Day 3  Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database
  • Day 4  Introduction to SQL Server Services
  • Day 5  Exam - 70-431
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance

Firebrand Training is a Microsoft Certified Partner : Learning Solutions (formerly CTEC). We specially select Microsoft Press or MOC Courseware for the highest-standard training of SQL Server 2005.

Through lecture, group discussion and hands-on lab work, you will learn how to:

  • Use the Development Tools provided with SQL Server 2005
  • Use Transact-SQL enhancements to perform database development tasks
  • Develop XML-based Solutions using SQL Server 2005
  •  Build Message-Based Services with the Service Broker
  • Implement Web Services using Native HTTP Endpoints
  • Build Notification Services Applications
  • Implement Database Functionality with Managed (.NET) Code
  • Build Client Applications with the .NET Framework
  • Build Administrative Applications with SQL Management Objects (SMO)
  • Describe the components of SQL Server 2005
  • Describe new and enhanced features for administrators in SQL Server 2005
  • Plan a SQL Server 2005 installation
  • Install SQL Server 2005
  • Maintain a SQL Server 2005 installation
  • Choose the appropriate tool or utility to perform an administrative task
  • Use SQL Server Management Studio to manage databases
  • Use SQL Server Computer Manager to manage a server
  • Use the sqlcmd utility to execute Transact-SQL from the command prompt
  • Use SQL Management Objects to script common administrative tasks
  • Use SQL Profiler to monitor SQL Server 2005
  • Use DDL triggers to respond to DDL events
  • Use event notifications to respond to database events
  • Query SQL Server metadata
  • Maintain indexes in a SQL Server 2005 database
  •  Use the Database Tuning Advisor to assist with database design
  • Maintain SQL Server 2005 databases
  • Describe the security architecture of SQL Server 2005
  • Manage securables and principals
  • Manage permissions
  • Use certificates in SQL Server 2005
  • Describe common disaster recovery enhancements in SQL Server 2005
  • Use database snapshots
  • Perform backup and restore operations
  • Describe the data availability technologies included in SQL Server 2005
  • Describe the concepts of database mirroring
  • Configure database mirroring
  • Describe the enhancements to replication functionality in SQL Server 2005
  • Describe the new types of replication available in SQL Server 2005
  • Configure replication using SQL Server 2005.

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Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist on SQL Server 2005 candidates are required to pass Exam 70-431.

Skills Being Measured

The 70-431 certification exam measures your ability to implement and maintain a SQL Server 2005 database. This program shall prepare students in the job skills listed in the following matrix:

  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005
  • Configure SQL Server 2005 instances and databases
  • Configure SQL Server security
  • Configure linked servers by using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Implement database mirroring
  • Implement log shipping
  • Manage database snapshots
  • Supporting Data Consumers
  • Retrieve data to support ad hoc and recurring queries
  • Manipulate relational data
  • Manage XML data
  • Implement an HTTP endpoint
  • Implement Service Broker components
  • Import and export data from a file
  • Manage replication
  • Maintaining Databases
  • Implement and maintain SQL Server Agent jobs
  • Manage databases by using Transact-SQL
  • Back up a database
  • Restore a database
  • Move a database between servers
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance
  • Gather performance and optimization data by using the SQL Server Profiler
  • Gather performance and optimization data by using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor.
  • Monitor and resolve blocks and deadlocks
  • Diagnose and resolve database server errors
  • Monitor SQL Server Agent job history
  • Gather performance and optimization data by using DMVs
  • Creating and Implementing Database Objects
  • Implement a table
  • Implement a view
  • Implement triggers
  • Implement functions
  • Implement stored procedures
  • Implement constraints
  • Implement indexes
  • Create user-defined types
  • Implement a full-text search
  • Implement partitions.

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Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Our accelerated program includes the most comprehensive industry courseware available - which serves as excellent post-class reference material.


  • MCTS Training Kit: Implementing & Maintaining SQL Server 2005 Book/CD Package
    ISBN: 9780735622715

Microsoft Official Curriculum

  • MOC 2779 BC (Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server Database)
  • MOC 2780 BC (Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server Database)

Firebrand Training offers top-quality technical education and certification training in an all-inclusive course package specifically designed for the needs and ease of our students. We attend to every detail so our students can focus solely on their studies and certification goals.

Our Accelerated Learning Programmes include:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilising our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
  • Comprehensive Study Materials, Program Courseware and Self-Testing Software including MeasureUp *
  • Fully instructor-led program with 24 hour lab access
  • Examination vouchers **
  • On site testing ***
  • Accommodation, all meals, unlimited beverages, snacks and tea / coffee****
  • Transportation to/from designated local railway stations
  • Examination Passing Policy

Our instructors teach to accommodate every student's learning needs through individualised instruction, hands-on labs, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

Firebrand Training has dedicated, well-equipped educational facilities where you will attend instruction and labs and have access to comfortable study and lounging rooms. Our students consistently say our facilities are second-to-none.

Firebrand goes digital

We’re currently migrating from printed to digital courseware. Some courseware is already available in digital, while other books remain in printed form. To find out if this course is digital, call us on 080 80 800 888.

There are several benefits of easy-to-use digital courseware: downloads are immediate, and you’ll always have your courseware available wherever you are. You won’t need to wait for a printed book to be delivered before you start learning – and it’s better for the environment. You can choose to download the courseware to your own device, or borrow one of ours.

Considering a Microsoft course? Always have the most up-to-date Microsoft digital courseware with ‘Fresh Editions’. This gives you access to all versions of digital courseware – you’ll receive updates and revisions of your textbook, at no charge, for the life of that course.

Examination Passing Policy

Should a student complete a Firebrand Training Program without having successfully passed all vendor examinations, the student may re-attend that program for a period of one year.  Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees.

Please note

  • * Not on all courses
  • ** Examination vouchers are not included for the following courses: GIAC, CREST and CISSP CBK Review. Exam vouchers may also not be included for Apprentices and will require a separate purchase by an employer due to Education and Skills Funding Agency guidelines.
  • *** On site testing is not included for our GIAC, CREST or ITIL Managers and Revision Certification Courses
  • **** Accommodation not included on the CISSP CBK Review Seminar

See Prerequisites...

Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Students who are successful in accelerated SQL 2005 certification training may possess

  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL
  • Working knowledge of relational databases
  • Experience with database design

Unsure whether you meet the prerequisites?

Don’t worry - we’ll discuss your technical background, experience and qualifications to determine whether this accelerated course suits you.

Just call us on 080 80 800 888 and speak to one of our enrolment consultants.

Firebrand is an immersive environment and requires commitment. Some prerequisites are simply guidelines; you may find your unique experience, attitude and determination enables you to succeed on your accelerated course.

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Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Microsoft SQL 2005 Course Dates

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Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students

Here's the Firebrand Training review section. Since 2001 we've trained exactly 72,589 students and asked them all to review our Accelerated Learning. Currently, 96.75% have said Firebrand exceeded their expectations.

Read reviews from recent accelerated courses below or visit Firebrand Stories for written and video interviews from our alumni.

"This was a rewarding but often gruelling experience that provided a 100% focus on learning SQL Server 2008. This is the best course that I have ever attended and I will use Firebrand Training again for an equivalent Oracle course."
Steve Page, Napp Pharmaceuticals. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (12/4/2010 to 16/4/2010)

"If you struggle to concentrate on your common 5 day training courses then Firebrand is the course for you! My instructor made the course. The instructor was vastly knowledgeable, yet managed to deliver the course in a style that kept you alert for the 12+ hours a day. "
Alexander Kennedy, Conde Nast Publications Ltd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (12/4/2010 to 16/4/2010)

"This is the most intensive learning I have ever done! But no matter how I learn, the lecture, practice and review structure meant that it was all taken in by the end of the week and one exam passed (very unexpectedly!!!) Coming into the course being new to SQL technology I was apprehensive about the outcome. However the quality of the teaching, and structure of the learning meant that, despite it being physically draining, it was the most well spent week of my IT career. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting this qualification and doesn't mind putting in a weeks worth of hard graft to get the result."
Neil Rutland. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/11/2009 to 13/11/2009)

"The Firebrand Training experience is superb if you enjoy working at a fast pace. Though the days are long they really don't seem because you are constantly using your brain and learning."
Andrew Price. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/11/2009 to 13/11/2009)

"As per usual you guys were great. Came knowing little and really only wanted to learn and wasn't that bothered with passing the exam - it was only important that I came away knowing more than I did at the start. Aced the exam though!"
Dai Williams, Howden. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/11/2009 to 13/11/2009)

"Extremely hard work and intensive but if you stand the pace it is a very effective and quick method of learning."
C.P. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/9/2009 to 2/10/2009)

"Initially I felt the VERY long hours and extended periods between theory and labs were counter intuitive. I must be wrong as I went from almost no SQL background to passing the exam. I couldn't be happier. The Firebrand Training was a superb lecturer too. If you have experience in the subject, and you're enthusiastic enough to eat / drink / sleep it, you'll do well at Firebrand!"
James Taylor, The University of Warwick. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/9/2009 to 2/10/2009)

"When i came to the course i knew very little on SQL - The instructor was excellent - made the course very interesting and knowledgable - I learnt a hell of a lot from his classes and he was very helpful with any questions and explaining things in full - An absolute credit to the instructors ability - "
Jonathan Drake, n/a. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/7/2009 to 17/7/2009)

"I really feel I had a good course and have learnt a lot. Hard work but would come again and again. "
N.J. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/7/2009 to 17/7/2009)

"The course was demanding, tutor excellent, results brilliant."
Robert Oliverr, Xafinity Claybrook. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/7/2009 to 17/7/2009)

"The course is really intensive, do not expect early nights if you want to pass."
R.L, IPES. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/7/2009 to 17/7/2009)

"Although extremely intensive, the overall experience was great. The instructor was brilliant, and the other people on the course were easy to get along with. The level of learning provided is the best combination I can imagine to pass this exam."
Rose Aylward. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/7/2009 to 17/7/2009)

"I have always been amazed at how the instructors remain happy. Its nice to see old acquantances in a familiar surrounding and having them remember then. Always a joy. Albeit the curriculum out of my league and personal sphere of influence professionally wise."
Janice Laurence, Duncan Lawrie Ltd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/7/2009 to 17/7/2009)

"The course provided an indepth and detailed explanation of all the major components in SQL 2005 and condensed it into a 4.5 day period in lightning speed. A shock to the system the learning style initially is questionable and difficult to get to grips with, but as the days move on I can feel myself learning and absorbing more information, if anyone would have told me I would be able to digest a 10 day course in only 4.5 (with any degree of competency)I would have told them they were mad, But the course delivers exactly what it says on the tin, efficient, speedy and indepth learning."
Kevin Kinsella, Xerox UK Ltd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (25/5/2009 to 29/5/2009)

"I have learned a great deal and was surprised at how much I can absorb in such a short time."
Simon, ReD. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/4/2009 to 17/4/2009)

"Excellent and knowledgable instructor, absolutely knackered but have learnt a lot in the 5 days. Now to sleep!"
T.J. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/4/2009 to 17/4/2009)

"Yet again my training was excellent. This is my second Firebrand Training course. Both courses were excellent in fact the best training company I have received training from by a significant margin. I will be passing on my recommendation to other developers that they should attend the course here."
James Bloom, between jobs (contractor). - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/4/2009 to 17/4/2009)

"I am impressed by the effort made to make this course excellent. I have attended many courses both in the UK and other parts of the world but I have never seen a lecturer available to answer questions from 7am to 1am (18 hours non stop). I am not sure where the Firebrand Training instructor was getting his energy from. This is my first course with Firebrand but there is no doubt that I will advertise your courses to my friends and co-workers. At registration, I found the sales rep who phoned me twice in The Gambia to discuss the registration."
Abdoulie Barry, Medical Research Council. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (13/4/2009 to 17/4/2009)

"I came onto the course with little background experience and came through at the second attempt with a Microsoft Certification."
Donald N MacLeod, Self Employed. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (2/3/2009 to 6/3/2009)

"A lot more intensive than i expected but worth it for the end result."
Mark Whyman. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (2/3/2009 to 6/3/2009)

"My Time with Firebrand Training has been very good, the teaching and the overall experience was well above expectations."
David Balmforth, Panacea Ltd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (2/3/2009 to 6/3/2009)

"Very tough week but a pass on the exam made it worth it."
John Foster. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (2/3/2009 to 6/3/2009)

"The instructor managed to get by level of knowledge above expectation level. Thanks Firebrand Training. "
Stephen de Jong, database administrator. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (2/3/2009 to 6/3/2009)

"Very enjoyable course, but very intensive - long hours but rewarding."
Darren Morgan, Emmett UK LTD. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (19/1/2009 to 23/1/2009)

"I went from novice to a pass of 947 in a week. Plainly the course is rather effective :-) Just do what the instructor tells you, without taking any shortcuts, and all will be well."
Dave Allonby, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (19/1/2009 to 23/1/2009)

"Hard Work with the hours but covered a large range of subjects in depth. Although I have used SQL for many years we covered lots of areas I have never used."
Andy Wallace. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (24/11/2008 to 28/11/2008)

"Firebrand does it again! The rate of learning at these courses is phenomenal, having taken both my CCNA and now a MCTS: SQL Server 2k5 with Firebrand I am now a full convert of the method of teaching employed here. The course structure leans itself to a very aggressive learning curve, but if you stay with it the results will follow. The passion, enthusiasm and patience that the instructor presents every day for the subject and the class really helps you get to grips with the material in the 5 days. One last thing, the food here is fantastic; I attribute this alongside the excellent teaching staff to my success on the course."
Russell Cashman, Reliance High-Tech. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (24/11/2008 to 28/11/2008)

"I found the course very intensive and hard work but also found it very effective and helpful for the real world."
Daniel, Caldmore Housing. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (6/10/2008 to 10/10/2008)

"This was my first time with Firebrand. Coming from a training environment, I was extremely impressed with the training facilities offered, the dedication and background experience of the teaching staff and the overall presentation throughout the course."
Ian Spreadborough, Ship Safe Training GroupLtd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (6/10/2008 to 10/10/2008)

"Brought out my inner exam-passer."
Ian Edwards. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (1/9/2008 to 5/9/2008)

"Phew - hard work, but made it through with a pass. Thanks."
Adam Hyland . - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days)

"Excellent training - very hard work and long hours but it is a great way to focus on your subject."
Lindsay Denton, RM Education. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (1/9/2008 to 5/9/2008)

"The course was well run and well presented. The instructor was willing and able to go over any points in greater detail, often much greater than the course required. He was always on site and if anyone was stuck, he was available to help and give one-to-one tuition. Overall, this was a relaxed atmosphere and made learning very easy."
Chris Faulkner, Nyeboe Ltd.. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (1/9/2008 to 5/9/2008)

"The course was hardcore, but the instructor waas a genius. He really helped me understand everything I needed for the exam and for my real job!"
Guy Pearce, NSK Europe Ltd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (1/9/2008 to 5/9/2008)

"Very hard work and very rewarding."
Tom Jobe. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (21/7/2008 to 25/7/2008)

"This was a very intensive course on which I learned a lot and enjoyed. The food was excelent."
Matthew Edmundson, NDS. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"Very hard going be prepared to work late hours. Very informative and a good overall course"
Christopher Jones. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"Pete was very professional and helpful at all times with additional real world discussions."
Nathan Roberts, South West RDA. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"Incredible. An exponential gain in knowledge in a very short space of time. Hard work, but strangely fun to be so focused on a goal in a short time frame."
Matthew Evans, Cogent Power Ltd. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"The course gave me the confidence to apply my existing knowledge as well as the incredible amount I learned. I'd recommend Firebrand to anyone."
Gregory Cecil, RCS Inc. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"The camp provided an excellent environment in which to study. The food was fantastic. All staff were friendly and helpful. Accomodation was clean, quiet and comfortable. The lecturer knew his stuff and was friendly and helpful throughout."
Glen Wilkinson, - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"It's very very intense and the hours are very very long but if you want to learn an awful lot in a very short space of time then this will do it. The food is exceptional and the instructor very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended if you've got the stamina !"
Paul, Electronic Motion Systems. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (9/6/2008 to 13/6/2008)

"Great course providing complete immersion - Lots of labs, instructor highly available and approchable. I believe it would have taken me months to get this level of knowledge with "normal" hours of course schedule (not a intensif). Great facilities away from any distractions."
Patrick Lorentz, Iron Mountain. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/4/2008 to 2/5/2008)

"Firebrand provided the perfect environment for studying."
V.W.. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/4/2008 to 2/5/2008)

"Firebrand training is an excellent enviroment in which to learn a wide variety of subjects. Instructors are courteous and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of their chosen subject. Firebrand courses offer a good way not just to learn the exam objectives, but to learn skills that you can actually use in a real enviroment. This helps you gain years of experience in half the time learning from real world experts."
Graeme Grant, Covington & Burling LLP. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/4/2008 to 2/5/2008)

"A good environment is provided for learning, quiet and relaxing - no distractions, but dont relax too much, you still have to do the work!!!!"
NK. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/1/2008 to 1/2/2008)

"The Training was intense but covered all the major aspects of SQL, I would recommend it to any one."
JW, Vets4Pets. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (28/1/2008 to 1/2/2008)

"A very good course to get into a technology with the aim of obtaining qualifications in that technology."
KB, Land Securities. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (17/12/2007 to 21/12/2007)

"Excellently run and focussed intensive training course. Not for Wimps."
Anthony Yalden, Yalden Computer Services. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (19/11/2007 to 23/11/2007)

"This highly intense training course provided a solution to enhance my overall competence with SQL2005 and achieve the knowledge base to pass the MCTS."
Steve Knight, Lenzing Fibers Grimsby. - Microsoft MCTS SQL Server 2005 Certification (5 days) (19/11/2007 to 23/11/2007)

Latest SQL 2005 Reviews from our students